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ADVANCED PRACTICE INTERNSHIP: Adult Nurse Practitioner Family Nurse Practitioner Adult Clinical Nurse Specialist PLANNING PACKET NURSING 677, 678 & 679 Updated August 24, 2010 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS Advanced Practice Internship Planning Packet 3 How to Finalize Plans for Internship Placement 4 Advanced Practice Internship Planning Guidelines & Requirements 6 Advanced Practice Internship Planning Sheet 11 Advanced Practice Internship Form Letter 13 Advanced Practice Internship: Preceptor Evaluation of Clinical Practice 15 Student Evaluation of Internship Preceptor 21 Faculty Evaluation Tool 22 Syllabus: NURS 677 23 Syllabus: NURS 678 27 Syllabus: NURS 679 31 E-Log Instructions 35 Roles and Functions of Clinical Preceptor 49 Student Responsibilities 51 How to Apply for the Certification Examination 53 2 NORTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY School of Nursing and Health Studies ADVANCED PRACTICE INTERNSHIP PLANNING PACKET To help you prepare for your internship conference with the nursing faculty member responsible for internship in your field of clinical study, this packet contains the following items: Advanced Practice Internship guidelines and requirements Course description for NURS 677, 678, and 679 Advanced Practice Internship planning sheet Advanced Practice Internship format for the preceptor letter Curriculum vitae (format) Guidelines for the Advanced Practice Internship course requirements E-log instructions Roles and functions of Clinical Preceptors Student Responsibilities 3 HOW TO FINALIZE PLANS FOR INTERNSHIP PLACEMENT 1. One year prior to taking the internship you must file an Intent Form and your Course Sequence with your advisors signature with the Nursing Program Coordinator. If your tracking changes for any reason you need to refile these documents ASAP> 2. After approved, contact the Internship Coordinator to begin preceptor selection 1 year prior to EACH internship. Do NOT contact preceptors without clearing site with Internship Coordinator. 3. Read the Advanced Practice Internship Planning Packet carefully. 4. The Internship Coordinator has internship orientation materials posted to the Nursing and Health Studies (NUHS) organization on Blackboard listed just below your courses once you log on to Blackboard. You are enrolled in this site each semester you are taking Nursing courses once you have been accepted into the program. Materials are located under ―Documents‖ and then the ―APN Folder‖ to access the files. The files include sample documents, template forms for completion, and narrated PPTs on both the internship planning as well training in the use of the electronic log (E-log). Complete the packet materials for EACH internship before your meeting with your internship instructor. These materials include: a. Advanced Practice Internship Planning Sheet; b. Internship Form Letter (Simply type a numbered list of the requested information - YOU SHOULD NOT RETYPE THE LETTER; Curriculum Vitae in the required format 4. Prepare a set of objectives for the internship. Your objectives should reflect a synthesis of the concepts learned from the core courses and should reflect nursing performance at an advanced practice level in your particular field of study. Be as precise as you can in writing your objectives, but realize that they are often modified and refined in discussion with internship faculty prior to sharing them with your prospective preceptor. 5. Make an appointment with the designated internship faculty member as soon as you are notified which section you will be in. This normally occurs the middle of the semester prior to your internship (mid March for summer and fall; mid October for spring) to discuss the materials which you have prepared, to ask questions, and to finalize plans. Follow the deadlines regarding internships posted on

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