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FINAL PROGRAMME As of 23 March 2018 #europrevent www.escardio.org/europrevent Building Overview LEVEL 0 BUILDING OVERVIEW EXHIBITION REGISTRATION MAIN ENTRANCE Cash Bar Cloakroom To level -1 LEVEL -1 STIH HALL Cash Bar MEMBERS LOUNGE POSTERS To Meeting To level -2 rooms To level 0 LEVEL -2 LINHART HALL KOSOVEL HALL CPR Workshop SPEAKER E3 SERVICE CENTRE To level -1 EuroPrevent 2018 FINAL PROGRAMME Welcome Address Dear Colleagues and Friends, Welcome to EuroPrevent 2018! On behalf of the European Association of Preventive Cardiology (EAPC) we would like to welcome you to Ljubljana for the annual EAPC congress. Ljubljana is a green city, friendly for its residents and visitors alike. Its social and environmental awareness have a long tradition that you will feel with every step, and it is no coincidence that the city was named the European Green Capital of 2016. Car traffic is restricted in the centre, leaving the leafy banks of the emerald-green Ljubljanica River, which flows through the city’s heart, free for pedestrians and cyclists. Ljubljana has many museums, including the National Museum of Slovenia, displaying historic exhibitions, and the Museum of Modern Art, home to 20th-century Slovene paintings and sculptures. EuroPrevent has been a key international scientific event for cardiovascular disease prevention and awareness for over 10 years now. It provides the opportunity for clinicians and scientists from all over the world to gather, to learn about new advances and to exchange scientific ideas and knowledge in a distinctive environment. Through ‘Case- based’ symposia and ‘How-To’ sessions to the traditional ‘Posters’, ‘EAPC Masterclasses’ and ‘Young Investigator Awards’ we hope that you will find this congress full of opportunities to learn, interact and discover. Medical practice evolves daily as a result of coming together of technology, knowledge and process. By focusing the congress theme on “Evidence based cardiovascular prevention, a lifelong endeavour” EuroPrevent 2018 aims to explore the positive actions we can take at all stages of life to help prevent cardiovascular disease. This congress has grown quickly to become the leading event of the year in preventive cardiology and we encourage you to mark each year’s event in your diary. The next edition will be in Lisbon, Portugal, from the 11 to 13 April 2019. Thank you for being with us - enjoy EuroPrevent and enjoy Ljubljana! Diederick Grobbee Jean-Paul Schmid Zlatko Fras European Association of Congress Programme Slovenian Society of Preventive Cardiology (EAPC) Committee Chairperson Cardiology (SEC) President President 1 2016-2018 EAPC Executive Board Paul Diederick Dendale Grobbee President President Elect Antonio Marco Uwe Pelliccia Guazzi Nixdorff Past Treasurer Secretary President EuroPrevent 2018 Congress Programme Committee Jean-Paul Schmid, Chairperson Zlatko Fras, Co-Chairperson & Local Host Members: Heinz V

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