• Document: Recruitment and Selection Process: A Case Study of Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverage Pvt.Ltd, Gangyal, Jammu, India
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International Journal of Innovation, Management and Technology, Vol. 1, No. 4, October 2010 ISSN: 2010-0248 Recruitment and Selection Process: A Case Study of Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverage Pvt.Ltd, Gangyal, Jammu, India Geeta Kumari, Jyoti Bhat and K. M. Pandey, Member, IACSIT Canada, Australia or South Africa. Our vision serves as the Abstract—In this research paper, study has been made about framework for our Roadmap and guides every aspect of our recruitment and selection process of Hindustan Coca-cola business by describing what we need to accomplish in order Beverage Private limited , Gangyal in Jammu in India. The to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth. study indicates that although the company follows a well defined recruitment policy. In most of the cases the company Motivations and slogans of Coca-Cola does compensate the employees for the expenses incurred by People: Be a great place to work where people are inspired them. It is also observed that the company has got all the to be Partners: Nurture a winning network of customers and databases fully computerized. All employees said that the suppliers, together we create mutual, enduring value. company hires consultancy firms or recruitment agency for Planet: Be a responsible citizen that makes a difference by hiring candidates. It can be said that in spite of some odd factors, helping build and support sustainable communities. the company is doing well since establishment. Profit: Maximize long-term return to shareowners while Index Terms—recruitment, selection, computerization being mindful of our overall responsibilities. Productivity: Be a highly effective, lean and fast-moving organization. I. INTRODUCTION Winning Culture Winning Culture defines the attitudes and behaviors that The term soft drink was originated to distinguish will be required of us to make our 2020 Vision a reality. non-alcoholic beverages from hard liquor, or spirits. Soft Live Values drinks are non-alcoholic carbonated or non-carbonated Values serve as a compass for our actions and describe beverages, usually containing a sweetening agent, edible how we behave in the world. acids, and natural or artificial flavors. Soft drinks include Leadership: The courage to shape a better future cola beverages, fruit-flavored drinks, and ginger ale and root Collaboration: Leverage collective genius beer. Coffee, tea, milk, cocoa and undiluted fruit and Integrity: Be real vegetable juices are not considered as soft drinks. A soft Accountability: If it is to be, it's up to me drink is a beverage that does not contain alcohol; generally it Passion: Committed in heart and mind is also implied that the drink does not contain milk or other Diversity: As inclusive as our brands dairy products and that it is consumed while cold. The Quality: What we do, we do well adjective soft specifies a lack of alcohol by way of contrast Focus on the Market: on the term “hard drink”. The word drink, while nominally Focus on needs of our consumers, customers and franchise neutral, sometimes carries connotations of alcoholic content. partners Beverages like colas, flavored water, sparkling water, iced Get out into the market and listen, observe and learn water, sweet tea, lemonade, squash and fruit punch are

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