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Exam MLC Society of Actuaries Models for Life MLC Contingencies Canadian Institute of Tuesday, Actuaries April 28, 2015 8:30 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES General Instructions No credit will be given for anything indicated in the 1. Write your candidate number here ____________. Your name examination book but not transferred to the answer sheet. must not appear. Failure to stop writing or coding your answer sheet after time is called will result in the disqualification of your answer sheet 2. Do not break the seal of this book until the supervisor tells you or further disciplinary action. to do so. 2. On the front of the answer sheet, space is provided to write and 3. Tables and numerical values necessary for solving some of the code candidate information. Complete the information questions on this examination will be distributed by the requested by printing in the squares and blackening the circles Supervisor. (one in each column) corresponding to the letters or numbers printed. For each empty box blacken the small circle 4. This examination has a total of 96 points. It consists of: immediately above the “A” circle. Fill out the boxes titled: Section A: 20 multiple-choice questions, each worth 2 (a) Name points for a total of 40 points, and (include last name, first name and middle initial) Section B: 7 written-answer questions, worth a total of (b) Candidate Number 56 points. The point value for each written- (Candidate/Eligibility Number, use leading zeros if answer question is indicated at the beginning needed to make it a five digit number) of the question. (c) Test Site Code You may divide your time between the two sections of the (The supervisor will supply the number.) examination (written-answer, and multiple-choice) as you choose. You should keep in mind the relative weight of the (d) Examination Part two sections. (Code the examination that you are taking by blackening the circle to the left of "Exam MLC") Your written-answer paper will be graded only if your multiple-choice score is at or above a threshold set after the (e) Booklet Number examination is administered. (The booklet number can be found in the upper right-hand corner of this examination book. Use 5. Failure to stop writing after time is called will result in the leading zeros if needed to make it a four digit disqualification of your answers or further disciplinary action. number.) 6. While every attempt is made to avoid defective questions, In box titled “Complete this section only if instructed to do sometimes they do occur. If you believe a question is defective, so,” fill in the circle to indicate if you are using a calculator the supervisor or proctor cannot give you any guidance beyond and write in the make and model number. the instructions on the exam booklet. In the box titled “Signature and Date” sign your name and Multiple-Choice Instructions write today's date. If the answer sheet is not signed, it will not be graded. 1. A separate answer sheet for the multiple-choice questions is inside the front cover of this book. During th

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