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UNAS Model United Nations Preparatory Conference The Seventh Edition Special Political and Decolonization Committee Study Guide Primary Issue: The Issue of the Yemeni Civil War 1 UNAS Model United Nations Preparatory Conference The Seventh Edition Chair Foreward Melanie Ngo Mei Zhen - Chairperson: Melanie Ngo is a Secondary 4 student who Ang Jun Sheng Jordan - Head Chairperson: is graduating from Singapore Chinese Girls’ Jordan is a first year Humanities student at School this year. She often finds herself Victoria Junior College, Singapore. His first hunting for new books to read (more often taste of the Model UN conference culture than not, she gets judged by many as the was in 2013, when he participated in the books she finds are books which no one has Victoria-Cedar Alliance Model UN at VJC. ever heard of) and listening to various Since then, he has went on to participate in genres of music. Thus, she would many other conferences in Singapore. He thoroughly appreciate it if you could has also participated as a delegate and a recommend any good books or music to her. chairperson for Victoria School’s internal With the upcoming O levels approaching Model UN Conference, and served as its quickly, it would be an understatement to Secretary-General in its third installation in say that she has more on her plate than she 2016. Like many of the delegates here in could probably handle. However, she has UNASMUN, this is Jordan’s first time decided to participate in UNASMUN this chairing for an external major conference. year as MUN never fails to be an extremely He hopes that in this conference, delegates valuable experience to her. She strongly will have an enjoyable time engaging in believes that MUN serves as a platform that intellectual and rigorous discourse, and allows all to gain self-confidence as well as leave with a favourable impression of Model better insights into a variety of issues whilst UN. Most importantly, he hopes that through forging lifelong friendships. Though this this experience delegates will grow to be upcoming UNASMUN would be her 5th more mature and critical in their thinking, time attending a MUN conference, it would and see them lead constructive and be her first time chairing an external MUN. thoughtful discussions in the future. When As such, she hopes to learn a lot from this he isn’t involved in the MUN scene, Jordan experience and is looking forward to is usually too bogged down by the shackles chairing SPECPOL this year. She sincerely of Junior College schoolwork to bother hopes to be able to give all delegates a having a legitimate social life, while at the fun-filled and enriching experience over the same time taking up B-Boy and Hiphop 4 days of council. dance. She can be contacted at: melanie.nmz@gmail.com He can be contacted via email at: ang.jun.sheng.jordan.2017@vjc.sg. 2 UNAS Model United Nations Preparatory Conference The Seventh Edition I. Background information The Yemeni Civil War is a longstanding All this, together with the Saudi airstrikes Middle Eastern conflict that is currently in and naval blockade of the country has led to its 2nd year running. The war, initially various pressing issues such as food sparked by 2 conflicting factions that laid security, mass displacement and water claims to constituting the Yemeni scarcity. government, has now developed into a proxy war for a cold geopolitical conflict in The United Nations Children's’ Fund the region.6 Saudi-supported government (UNICEF) has previously stated that Yemen forces have been pitted against is “on the brink of facing a famine, Iran-supported Houthi rebels, and the crisis estimating that roughly 2 million children in has exacerbated the already disastrous state Yemen are suffering from acute of the Yemeni standard of living. With malnourishment”.5 Despite previous terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda in the attempts by the United Nations Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and the Secretary-General’s Special Envoy to self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS) taking Yemen, Mr. Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, as advantage of the chaos to plan attacks within well as the Security Council, to mediate the country7, the situation has only been nego

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