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Α Ω lpha and mega A TRANSCRIPT OF THE VIDEO BY THE SAME TITLE NADER MANSOUR Transcribed by: Christine Nelson Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus. Revelation 14:12 Published online by www.Revelation1412.org THE ALPHA & OMEGA by NADER MANSOUR (A transcript of his video presentation) The following pages are a transcription from a presenta- tion by Pastor Nader Mansour in 2007. The language, therefore, is of a more colloquial nature than formal text. The form of speech should be considered as though the reader is in the presence of the one speaking. If one follows the video along with the transcript (see site location at back of this publication), please note that a few minor adjustments have been made, such as the deletion of repetitive words at the beginning of para- graphs, and the insertion of connecting words which the speaker did not use when speaking. None of the minor inclusions or omissions affect the content or context of the message provided in these pages. References which precede the text boxes are in most cas- es also included within the text boxes in order to rein- force the reader’s ability to find and verify any quotes for him/herself. 1 Opening prayer Abba, Father in heaven, we thank Thee that we can come before Thee, on Thy Holy Sabbath hours in the name of our Savior Je- sus, who even now stands in Thy presence in the most Holy Place., offering up our worship and service today in an acceptable manner before Thee. Our Father, we invite the presence of Thine holy angels and Thy Spirit to be in our midst, and especially now as we open Thy word and look at some important things that are contained there- in, Lord, regarding some of the things that are happening today. We pray that Thou give us clear minds and understanding in or- der to understand the things that are happening. May Thy Spirit be our instructor and our guide into all truth. This is our prayer in Jesus’ name. Amen. 2 A blessed Sabbath to every one! It’s a wonderful opportunity to study God’s word together. And today what we’re going to look at is a very important topic. It is the topic entitled the “Alpha and the Omega.” In the Bible we know… who is the Alpha and the Omega? It’s Jesus Christ. So today, the study we’re going to do is going to look at certain things about Jesus Christ. But we’ll also look at an “Alpha and Omega” that is also described as a heresy. And so we’ll look at some church history in this topic, and we’ll see what we can learn that comes in contact with the person and the identity of Jesus Christ. This is what we’ll be exam- ining today. So I want you to pay careful attention because some things will require you to do some thinking. So don’t just accept everything you hear; just exercise your thinking powers and think and reason on some of the things that we’ll see togeth- er as we’ll share them. And we’ll see what we can under- stand about what’s happening today all around us. Our first text is in Ecclesiastes, which gives us instruction as to what to do. Ecclesiastes chapter one gives us instruction regarding certain things and how they occur. Ecclesiastes 1:9, 10 and it says there: “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun. Is there anything whereof it may be said: ‘See, this is new’? It hath been already of old time which was before us.” Ecclesiastes 1: 9, 10 3 So the Bible here tells us that certain things have a habit of repeating themselves. And, in order to understand some of the things that are happening today, where do we need to look? In the past. In the history. So today this is all we’ll do: we’ll do a historical examina- tion into the history of our church to understand what is it about the situation with the Alpha and the Omega, because a lot of people today hear about the Omega of apostasy and a lot of people have a lot to say about the Omega of apostasy, but we need to see what does history declare about the Al- pha, and from that we’ll learn in particular what it is about the Omega, which will help us understand the situation that we’re in today. A lot of people think that what’s happening today regarding certain issues that have been agitated is something totally new that hasn’t happened before. But the Bible here tells us that there is nothing new under the sun. So today this is what we’ll do We have a warning here from the Spirit of Prophecy, and we’ll do a lot of reading together because this is a historical examination, so j

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