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Construction Cost Handbook SINGAPORE 2018 Arcadis & Langdon Singapore Pte LtdPte Ltd Seah Singapore Arcadis Singapore Pte Ltd would like to acknowledge 1 the following projects featured on our cover page: 1. Funan CapitaLand (Project visual courtesy of CapitaLand) 2 3 2. New National Cancer Centre Singapore Ministry of Health (Project visual courtesy of Ministry of Health) 3. Martin Modern GuocoLand (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (Project visual courtesy of GuocoLand (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.) 2 Twenty-fourth Edition 2018 C Arcadis Singapore Pte Ltd All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, copied, stored or transmitted in any form without prior written permission from Arcadis Singapore Pte Ltd. The information contained herein should be regarded as indicative and for general guidance only. Arcadis Singapore Pte Ltd makes no representation, expressed or implied, with regard to the accuracy of the information herein and cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions that may be made. Unless otherwise stated, costs reflected in this handbook are current as at 4th Quarter 2017. Business Registration No: 199508550H 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS Page No. Table of Contents 4 Introduction 7 Our Core Values 8 Calendars 9 1. CONSTRUCTION TRENDS Construction Outlook 16 Construction Cost Trends: a. Tender Price Indices 22 b. Material Price Indices 24 2. CONSTRUCTION COST DATA Preambles 28 Construction Costs For: a. Singapore 30 b. Selected Asian Cities 32 Construction Cost Specification 38 Cost Breakdown For Different Building Types 42 Major Rates For Selected Asian Cities 44 M&E Costs For: a. Singapore 50 b. Selected Asian Cities 52 Office M&E Cost Components 58 M&E Cost Charts 60 Utility Costs For Selected Asian Cities 64 3. CONTRACT PROCUREMENT Contract Procurement 68 4. OTHER INFORMATION Exchange Rates 86 Prime Rates 87 Currency Fluctuations 88 Conversion Factors 90 IDD Codes & Time Differences 92 Relevant Websites 94 Current Construction Regulations 98 4 Page No. 5. ARCADIS SINGAPORE About Us In Singapore 203 Professional Services 213 Arcadis Singapore 219 Arcadis Asia Leadership Team 227 Arcadis Asia Sectors 229 Arcadis Asia Services 233 Directory of Offices 235 Acknowledgements 248 MCI (P) 112/05/2018 Published by Arcadis Singapore Pte Ltd Printed by Oji Press Pte Ltd 5 Electronic Cost Handbook We have several options for accessing an electronic version of our Cost Handbook: 1. Download the PDF version from our website to your mobile or tablet device. ○ Go to www.arcadis.com/en/asia ○ On the bottom right of the screen, click “Research and Publications” on the black bar ○ Scroll down the page to “Annual Construction Cost Handbook” and click ‘Download the Handbooks’ ○ Scroll down the page and click to download the Singapore Construction Cost Handbook 2. For mobile and tablet access, scan the QR code below to directly access the PDF file. 3. Or download our App to your mobile or tablet by searching Arcadis Cost Handbook in the App Store or Google Play. 6 INTRODUCTION Arcadis Singapore has been involved in the publication of construction costs handbooks for countries such as China and Hong Kong, India,

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