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University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj- Napoca Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences "Gheorghe Ionescu Siseşti" Agricultural Research and Development Station Turda S N R S S Romanian National Society of Soil Science - Transylvania Branch R N S S S Faculty of Agriculture, Minimum Soil Tillage Systems and Sustainable Agricultural Technologies - Research Center PROGRAM The 8th International Symposium „Soil Minimum Tillage Systems” Moderators: Prof. dr. Gheorghe Sin Prof. dr. David Weindorf Prof. dr. Ioan Haș Prof. dr. Lech Szajdak Prof. dr. Teodor Rusu CLUJ-NAPOCA, 25-26 JUNE 2015 1 Thursday, 25 June 2015 930 – 1000 Participants Registration (Green Aula – ISV) 1000 – 1010 Opening Symposium 1010 – 1300 Paper presentation in plenary 1010 – 1035 SIN Gheorghe News and Perspectives in Soil Tillage 1035 – 1100 RANCOV Iosif Petru, Gheorghe CÂRCIU, Aurel LĂZUREANU, Teodor CRISTEA, Simion ALDA, Levente MOLNAR Influence of Soil Works on the Damage by the Western Corn Rootworm (Diabrotica Virgifera Virgifera Leconte) in Grain Maize in the Banat’s Plain 1100- 1120 WEINDORF David, Somsubhra CHAKRABORTY, Laura PAULETTE, Erika MICHÉLI, Bin LI, Titus MAN Proximal Sensor Identification of Lithologic Discontinuities in Eastern Europe 1120 -1140 COCIU Alexandru, George Daniel CIZMAŞ Conservation Agriculture - an Option of a Sustainable Agriculture Proposed for Eastern Romanian Danube Plain. Results from a Long-Term Experiment Intended to Establish Conservation Agriculture Practices in the Respective Area. I. The Effect of Residue Retention on Important Soil Quality Indicators. 1140 -1145 SZAJDAK Lech Wojciech, Marek SZCZEPAŃSKI, Wioletta GACA, Teresa MEYSNER, Katarzyna STYŁA Impact of Different Elements of Agricultural Landscape on the Removal of Nitrogen Forms from Ground Water 1145 -1200 BOINCEAN Boris, Lidia BULAT, Grigore RUSNAC, Marina ILUŞCA, Dorin PASAT, Vadim CUZEAC Soil Tillage in the Context of Sustainable Intensification of Agriculture and Global Warming 1200 -1215 JIGAU Gheorghe, Elena TOFAN Elements of Agrogen Evolution of Soil Climate. Technological Solution 1215 -1230 RUSU Teodor, Ileana BOGDAN, Paula Ioana MORARU, Adrian Ioan POP, Bogdan Matei DUDA, Camelia COSTE Research Results on Conservative Tillage Systems in the last 50 Years at USAMV Cluj-Napoca 1230 -1245 BOGDAN Ileana, Teodor RUSU, Adrian POP, Paula MORARU, Camelia COSTE, Bogdan DUDA Weed Control in Conservative Tillage Systems and Nowadays Challenges 1245 -1300 MALSCHI Dana, Adina Daniela IVAŞ, Ana Maria VALEAN, Felicia CHEŢAN, Nicolae TRITEAN, Cornel CHEŢAN, Istvan PATAKI Current Importance of Wheat Pests in the Cultural Technologies of Soil No- Tillage Conservative System and of Antierosional Agroforestry Curtains System, in Transylvania 1300 -1500 Lunch – Biodiversity Institute 2 1500 -1510 CHEŢAN Felicia, Cornel CHEŢAN, Teodor RUSU, Alina ŞIMON Effects of the Winter Wheat Cultivation in Tillage System Without Plowing on the Soil Properties, ARDS Turda, 2005-2014 1510 -1520 ŞIMON Alina, Laura ŞOPTEREAN, Ana Maria VĂLEAN, Felicia CHEŢAN, Cornel CHEŢAN, Mircea IGNEA, Felicia MUREŞANU, Influence of Technological and Biotic Factors on some Elements of the Maize Production Grown in the Classical System and with Minimum Tillage at ARDS Turda 1520 – 1530 RANTA Ovidiu, KOLLER Karlheinz Trend in the Field of Mechanization Soil Tillage at European Level 1530 – 1540 PĂCURAR Ioan, Cornel NEGRUȘIER, Sanda ROȘCA, Horea Mihai PACURAR, Ioana Claudia OARĂ, Nicolae MOLDOVAN, Amalia Ioana BOȚ Alpine and Subalpine Meadows of Rodna Mountains National Park – Soil Cover Characteristics 1540 – 1550 LEAH Tamara Researches Concerning Modification of Forest Grey Soils Properties Used in Arable from the Northern Area of Moldova 1550 – 1600 NEGRUȘIER Cornel, Ioan PĂCURAR, Ștefan BILASCO Slope Dynamics and the Expression of Soil Erosion from Alpine Meadows - Rodna Mountains National Park 1600 – 1610 PAŞCA Adela, Daniel NĂSUI Soi

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