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Killeen Independent School District AP Spanish V Literature Scope and Sequence COURSE OVERVIEW The AP Spanish Literature course is intended to be the equivalent of a third-year college Introduction to Peninsular and Latin American literature. This course prepares students to analyze critically representative works of prose, poetry, and drama of Peninsular and Latin American Literature of different historical periods from Medieval to the most recent trends. Students acquire a sense of literary expression as part of the human experience and understand the characteristics of major literary movements and the forces that shaped them. This allows for a profound analysis and understanding of the works presented without neglecting the enjoyment of literature as an art and a reflection of themselves. Since the course is presented entirely in Spanish, students have the opportunity to communicate and improve their language skills as well as learn new basic vocabulary of critical terms. (www.apcentral.collegeboard.com) COURSE PLANNER The list of works provided by the College Board strictly dictates the content of the course. During the year this list is followed in a chronological order to ensure three goals: 1) understanding the development of Literature in the Spanish speaking world not only as an artistic expression but as a reflection of its time, 2) alternating genres to ensure variety, constant practice and review of literary analysis, and 3) allowing for comparison and contrast of authors and themes through history and literary movements. (www.apcentral.collegeboard.com) 1 AP Spanish Literature Exam Format (www.apcentral.collegeboard.com) (www.apcentral.collegeboard.com) 2 AP SPANISH V SCOPE AND SEQUENCE LITERATURE COURSE Month Content Skills Asessments Technology Standards Resources AUG Introduction: Read, Teacher- Overhead; 1.1 NEXTEXT -Spanish History translate, & made oral Digital Conversation, “Abriendo -History of the Spanish analyze and written Projector, 1.2 Understand / puertas” Language poems and tests; TV / VCR; Interpret, 1.3 Antología de -Literary Movements prose using Dictation; Tape / CD Oral reporting, literatura en -Literary Terminology designated Tests from Player; 3.1 español - Genre classification vocabulary testing Computer. Interdisciplinary, Tomo I & II and program 3.2 Foreign grammar Essays viewpoints, 4.1 Suggested correctly in Quizzes Language Supplemental written and Fill-in the comparison, 4.2 Resources: oral practice. blanks Culture -College Board Note book comparison, 5.2 - Guía Para Projects. Personal -Comentario de language use. Textos literarios. - Momentos Cumbres de la Literatura Hispánica. -Aproximaciones al Estudio de la Literatura -Real Academia Española SEPT La Edad Medieval Read, Teacher- Overhead; 1.1 NEXTEXT -Orígenes translat

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