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Design Process 101 Michael Barnard, AIA, NCARB animalsheltering.org/expo | #AnimalCareExpo Copyright © 1 Design and Construction Process Needs Assessment Conceptual Design Schematic Design Design Development Construction Documents Bidding / Negotiation Construction Administration Planning with Design with Coordination by User Groups User Groups A/E Team Working with Contractor 2 Insert schedule from Universal City Project Schedule 3 Project Management Approach Will the new building have a Medical Clinic? The value of any decision decreases over time while the cost increases VALUE COST VALUE Needs Assessment Occupancy Conceptual Design Construction Schematic Design Bidding Design Development Construction Documents Construction Documents Design Development Bidding Schematic Design Construction Conceptual Design Occupancy Needs Assessment COST TIME TIME 4 5 Needs Assessment Purpose • Establish Requirements of the project Activities • Work Sessions with Designated Staff Representatives to Identify Operational and Space Needs Product • Building Space Program Indicating Size of Facility, Site Requirements, and Estimated Cost 6 Needs Assessment Study: 1. Purpose and Scope of Study 2. Review of Existing Facilities 3. Building Space Program 4. Site Considerations 5. Recommended Features 6. People and Animal Levels 7. Staffing 8. Operating Cost 9. Estimated Construction Cost 10. Operation 7 Sample Building Program 8 Sample Building Program 9 Conceptual Design Purpose • Study very preliminary Design of Site Plan and Floor Plan to enable promotion of project and fundraising Activities Representatives to review layouts Product • Preliminary Site Plan and Floor Plan to show general arrangement of the features of the project 10 11 12 13 Cost Control Measures Conceptual Design and Schematic Design • Establish realistic cost per Square Foot for construction based similar projects. Design Development • Utilize a two-fold system of estimating. • Solicit estimates from the contracting community based on actual take-off quantities • Employ an independent cost estimating Firm to prepared a detailed estimate also based on actual take-off quantities The two independent opinions of probable cost will be evaluated and compared and, if necessary, a proposed list of cost control options will be offered for the Clients consideration. In this way, informed decisions can be made at the appropriate time to incorporate cost control measures before the bid date 14 Project Delivery Systems Systems vary some around the Country, but generally fit into these categories: • Competitive Bidding • Competitive Sealed Proposal • Construction Management at Risk • Design/Build Competitive Bidding – ‘CB’ • Traditional – most familiar approach. • Owner selects the Architect to desig

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