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ELEMENTAL® LIVE API AND USER GUIDE 2.6.3 RELEASE JANUARY 22, 2015 Elemental Live API and User Guide TABLE OF CONTENTS • Overview • Web Interface • REST Interface • Live Event Parameters • SNMP Interface • Authentication • Input Containers and Codecs • Output Containers and Codecs 01/22/15 Elemental Technologies Confdential and Proprietary 2/130 Elemental Live API and User Guide Overview OVERVIEW • Purpose • Product Overview • Live Events • Live Event Profles • Presets • Schedules • MPTS Multiplexers • Notifcations • Statistics • Advanced Pre and Post Processing • Custom Scripts • Troubleshooting PURPOSE This document is intended for system integrators and users of Elemental ® Live. It outlines interfaces for machine and human control, confguration, and monitoring. Each API is defned in enough detail to explain how to use the system and how it can be integrated into larger workgow automation systems. PRODUCT OVERVIEW Elemental Live is a powerful media encoder which can accept input through an HD-SDI interface, IP over Ethernet, or a local fle. It can produce multiple video output streams using a variety of live streaming protocols. Elemental Live can be controlled, confgured and monitored through the following interfaces: • Web browser via HTML • Web Services REST interface • SNMP interface Using a web browser is the easiest way to control, confgure, and monitor Elemental Live. This interface is used when a human is interacting with the server, or when no automation or integration with other systems is required. Elemental recommends Mozilla Firefox as the client web browser. The REST-based interface supports all features of the web interface as well as automation features. More general information on REST-based interfaces is available online. The SNMP interface allows basic monitoring and control of the Elemental Live system. It allows a management system to query the state of the service and Live Events, as well as start and stop Live Events. Finally, secure shell access allows the user to modify the system's confguration fles, directory structure, and built-in tests. The secure shell interface is provided for users who need to modify the base behavior of the Elemental Live system or for diagnostics. LIVE EVENTS A Live Event is an encoding session started and stopped by the operator of the system. Live Events are created by selecting an input from the available HD-SDI capture devices or specifying a network stream location. The operator can also select a fle input, which will be decoded in real-time to simulate a live input. This feature is useful for testing encoding parameters and output destinations when a live source is not available. 01/22/15 Elemental Technologies Confdential and Proprietary 3/130 Elemental Live API and User Guide Product Overview When using the web interface, the user can click the "Preview" button once they have flled in input parameters. Elemental Live will attempt to acquire the input source and display a scaled frame and audio level for the user to verify their source is correctly connected to Elemental Live. The operator then defnes the output stream encoding parameters that they would like the system to produce. See Output Codecs for information about which codecs Elemental Live supports. The user can select which GPU they would like the stream to utilize, or allow the system to automatically select the GPU. Output streams can be connected to multiple output groups, which defne endpoints for streaming applications. Elemental Live currently supports Adobe RTMP outputs for Adobe Flash Media Server, push encoding for Microsoft Smooth Streaming, Apple iPhone live streaming, Adobe HTTP dynamic streaming, UDP output, RTSP output, and archiving to the local hard drive. See Output Codecs for a list of all the supported container formats. LIVE EVENT PROFILES A Live Event Profle is a saved Live Event defnition that includes all output settings for a Live Event and, optionally, the input settings. Live Events can be submitted with a Live Event Profle ID and input parameters to re-use previously entered settings. Note that if a Live Event Profle is edited, those changes are only applied to Live Events created after the change. Live Events already in progress or in the PENDING state will retain the settings with which they were submitted. Some example Live Event Profles are supplied by default in each release of the Elemental Live software. These examples should be copied if they are intended to be used in an actual workgow as they may change from release to release. PRESETS A preset is a predefned group of settings for a single output stream. A preset allows the user to create output streams targeted at a particular device or standard output format. For example, the H.26

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