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THE PHILIPPINE D I G I T A L STRATEGY TRANFORMATION 2.0: DIGITALLY EMPOWERED NATION TABLE OF CONTENTS FOREWORD i PREFACE ii EXECUTIVE SUMMARY iii 1. THE PHILIPPINES’ DIGITAL FUTURE 3 1.1 HOW ICT AND THE PDS CAN HELP TO ACHIEVE THE GOALS OF THE AQUINO ADMINISTRATION 1.2 INTERNATIONAL TRENDS 1.3 IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS 1.4 HOW THIS STRATEGY WAS DEVELOPED 1.5 MEASURING PROGRESS 2. PHILIPPINE ICT SITUATION AND STRATEGIC DIRECTION 11 2.1 ICT SITUATION 2.2 STRATEGIC THRUSTS 3. TRANSPARENT GOVERNMENT & EFFICIENT SERVICES DELIVERY 19 3.1 WHY E-GOVERNMENT AND E-GOVERNANCE IS IMPORTANT 3.2 MAIN OBJECTIVES 3.3 MEASURABLE TARGETS 3.4 KEY ACTIONS 3.5 INSTITUTIONAL IMPLEMENTATION ARRANGEMENTS & FUNDING 3.6 MILESTONES: MEASURING PROGRESS 4. INTERNET OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL PEOPLE 35 4.1 WHY INTERNET FOR ALL IS IMPORTANT 4.2 MAIN OBJECTIVES 4.3 MEASURABLE TARGETS 4.4 KEY ACTIONS 4.5 INSTITUTIONAL IMPLEMENTATION ARRANGEMENTS & FUNDING 4.6 MILESTONES: MEASURING PROGRESS 5. INVESTING IN PEOPLE: DIGITAL LITERACY FOR ALL 57 5.1 WHY DIGITAL LITERACY IS IMPORTANT 5.2 MAIN OBJECTIVES 5.3 MEASURABLE TARGETS 5.4 KEY ACTIONS 5.5 INSTITUTIONAL IMPLEMENTATION ARRANGEMENTS & FUNDING 5.6 MILESTONES: MEASURING PROGRESS 6. ICT INDUSTRY AND BUSINESS INNOVATION FOR NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT 75 6.1 WHY ICT-INDUSTRY AND USE OF ICT IN BUSINESSES IS IMPORTANT 6.2 MAIN OBJECTIVES 6.3 MEASURABLE TARGETS 6.4 KEY ACTIONS 6.5 INSTITUTIONAL IMPLEMENTATION ARRANGEMENTS & FUNDING 6.6 MILESTONES: MEASURING PROGRESS 7. MOVING FORWARD 89 GLOSSARY 95 ANNEX 1: SUMMARY LIST OF TECHNICAL WORKING GROUPS, FOCUS GROUP DISCUSSION AND WORKSHOPS CONDUCTED (AS OF APRIL 2011) 101 ANNEX 2: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: ASSESSMENT OF THE PHILIPPINE STRATEGIC ROADMAP FOR THE ICT SECTOR 2006-2010 117 ANNEX 3: CURRENT STATUS, OPPORTUNITIES & CHALLENGES 129 INDEX OF ACRONYMS AND ABBREVIATIONS ADB Asian Development Bank APEC Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation ASEAN Association of Southeast Asian Nations BGN The Brain-Gain Network BPAP Business Processing Association Philippines BPO Business Process Outsourcing CAGR Compound Annual Growth Rate CeC Community e-Center CEDFIT Cebu Educational Foundation for IT CHED Commission on Higher Education CICT Commission on Information and Communications Technol- ogy CICT-HCDG CICT-Human Capital Development Group CIDA Canadian International Development Agency CIO Chief Informational Officer CIOF The Chief Information Officers Forum, Inc. COE Centers of Excellence COP Communities of Practice CPO Creative Process Outsourcing CRM Customer Relations Management CSC Civil Service Commission DBM Department of Budget and Management DepED Department of Education DICP Department of Education Internet Connectivity Program DICT Department of Communications Technology DILG Department of the Interior and Local Government DoH Department of Health DOST Department of Science and Technology DOST-ASTI Department of Science and Technology-Advanced Science and Technology Institute DSL Digital Subscriber Line DTI Department of Trade and Industry EGF e-Government Fund EIU Economist Intelligence Unit ERP Enterprise Resource Planning FTEs Full-Time Employees G2B Government to Business G2C Government to Citizen G2G Government to Government GDP Gross Domestic Product GFI Government financing institutions GIFMIS Government Integrated Financial Management Information System INDEX OF ACRONYMS AND ABBREVIATIONS GILAS Gearing up Internet Literacy and Access for Students GIA (Joint) Government-Industry-Academe GIS Geographical Information System GISP Government Information Systems Plan HDTV High Definition Television HHI Herfindahl-Hirschman Index ICT Information and Communications Technologies ICT4BE ICT for Basic Education ICT4E ICT for Education ICT R&D ICT Research and Development IPR Intellectual Property Rights IPV6 Internet Protocol version 6 ISSP Information Systems Strategic Plan ISTE-NETS International Society for Technology in Education-National Educational Technology Stand

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