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Success Training Seminar The best Marketing Plan in the industry… just got better! 2 Marketing Plan To understand the Marketing Plan… Let us introduce the main notion of Volume Points 3 Marketing Plan Important concepts: • What are “Volume Points”? • Volume Points (VP) are universal “currency” adopted by our company to indicate a consistent value of the products in different countries around the world. • The more VPs you accumulate during a month, the higher your discount, resulting in higher retail profits when selling products to the customer. 4 Marketing Plan – Volume Points • Distributors purchase products at 25-50% discount depending on the VP accumulated in the given month and their level in the marketing plan. The price list provides information on VP, prices and discounts for all products. • Accumulation of Volume Points (your group’s and your own) will enable you to move up the Marketing Plan. 5 Marketing Plan – What is PPV? • The volume bought by a Distributor directly from Herbalife on his or her own ID number is called Personally Purchased Volume and the abbreviation used on all Herbalife documentation is ...... PPV • The PPV can be Monitored by the Distributor and the Supervisors of an ascendant line on MyHerbalife.com, HerbalifeCentral.com or Bizworks • To qualify as a Qualified Producer or as a Supervisor with the Cumulative 5K, Distributors may use PPV as well as DLV (Downline Volume) PPV = Personally Purchased Volume 6 Marketing Plan – What is DLV? • The volume bought by a Distributor directly from Herbalife on his or her own ID number who is in your downline and not yet a Supervisor is called Downline Volume and the abbreviation used on all Herbalife communication and documentation is ...... DLV DLV = Downline Volume 7 Ways of earning 8 Marketing Plan From Distributor to Supervisor Supervisor Qualified Producer Success Builder Senior Consultant Distributor 9 Marketing Plan – Getting Started How to become a distributor? • Buying the IBP Benefits: • Discounts from 25% to 50% when buying the products, leading to profit on retail sales • The right to sponsor other distributors, build an organisation and earn commissions on their product sales 10 Marketing Plan – Getting Started Different Options Available to get your IBP 1. Buy directly from your sponsor 2. Distributor Application Online tool available on www.myherbalife.com. • When you buy your IBP, you sign a contract with the company to become a Distributor and receive your own unique Herbalife Identification Number 11 Marketing Plan – Getting Started Distributor Application Online – 2 Options 1. Option A - Applicant does not have an IBP and can follow the step by step guide on how they can fill out their online application via www.myherbalife.com being able to register as a Distributor straight away and having their IBP either delivered to them or ready for collection at one of our South African Sales Centres. Important: The Application Online needs to be filled out and completed by the new Distributor, not the Sponsor. During the process the new Distributor is asked to agree with the Terms and Agreements. 12 Marketing Plan – Getting Started • Option B - Applicant does have an IBP in their hands, and their Application Form has an Application ID number AND a corresponding online code. Follow our step by step guide by on how they can register their own Herbalife application form online straight away. You can begin using the Online Distributor Application site now and start growing your organization immediately with only the click of a few buttons! 13 Distributor Application Online • The system immediately generates the following email: 14 Marketing Plan - Getting Started as a new Distributor… 1. USE Start using the products in your IBP immediately and get your result – feel the difference! 2. WEAR Wear the brand – use your products in public – let everybody know that you are

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