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Perishables Management Track Chairman’s Opening Remarks  Sebastiaan Scholte  CEO, Jan de Rijk Logistics and Chairman of the Cool Chain Association World Cargo Symposium 2015 Welcome Address  Christian Ureta  CEO & Head of Cargo, LAN Cargo World Cargo Symposium 2015 IATA –World Cargo Symposium PERISHABLES Argentinean Blueberry Exports Tonnes/Year Main Destinations MIA +32% LHR LAX (Source: Customs, Indec, internal assumptions) Fresh Fillets Salmon Export Chile- USA Tonnes/Year Main Destinations +15% MIA LAX JFK MEX BOG (Source: INTESAL - Salmon Chile) Peruvian asparagus exports by air Tonnes/Year Main Destinations MIA +12% LAX AMS (Source: Customs) Exports Flowers Colombia Tonnes/Year Main Destinations +2% MIA LHR MAD AMS (Source: DANE –COL, Agriculture Ministry Colombia, internal assumptions) LATAM Airlines Group’s main cargo distribution center TOTAL SURFACE AREA CHILE | Santiago COLOMBIA| Bogotá 51,000 m2 17,500 m2 6,000 m2 COOLER SPACE CHILE | Santiago COLOMBIA| Bogotá 8,000 m2 265 m2 2,160 m2 8 Boeing 767-300F (~50 ton payload) 4 Boeing 777-200F (~100 ton payload) ~307 passenger planes • All aluminum containers were replaced with Kevlar® containers. • Implementation of e-AWB • Renewed Messaging platform with the Air Community IATA –World Cargo Symposium PERISHABLES Perishables Market Overview and Global Trends  Gerard de Wit  Managing Director World ACD World Cargo Symposium 2015 Perishables by Air: Recent Trends Shanghai Gerard de Wit March 10-12, 2015 WorldACD Market Data IATA World Cargo Symposium The Netherlands 16 Perishables: food & flowers… Fruits & Vegetables Fish & Seafood Flowers Meat Chocolate Seeds, Plan

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