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C ATA LO GU E PROFESSIONAL water treatment Reverse Osmosis TABLE ON CONTENTS Aquaphor About Aquaphor 1 Aquaphor APRO FA 3 Aquaphor APRO M 5 Aquaphor APRO LP 7 Aquaphor APRO HP 9 Aquaphor APRO HS 11 Aquaphor APRO HC 13 Aquaphor APRO CT 15 Aquaphor APRO PAP 17 Aquaphor ULTRA 19 Aquaphor Water Softeners A800 and A1000 21 Pre-filters Aquaphor GROSS 23 Containerized Water Purification System 25 Reliable UF-RO Systems for Efficient Industries and Agriculture 26 RO for The Professional-Grade Kitchen 27 Whole Home RO 28 Innovation & Mass Production AQUAPHOR PROFESSIONAL DESIGNS AND MASS MANUFACTURES HIGH PURITY RO BASED WATER PURIFICATION SYSTEMS. RO SYSTEMS ARE MANUFACTURED IN THE STATE OF THE ART PRODUCTION FACILITIES. New state of the art RO assembly lines (2500 m2) were added to the RO production facilities in September, 2017. 1 AQUAPHOR GROUP 1990 Electrophor Inc. (NY, USA) 1992 Aquaphor (Russia) 2005 Winter Engineering/Aquaphor Professional (Israel) 2006 Zibo Aquaphor (China) 2007 Westaqua-Invest (Estonia) 2013 Aquaphor Poland (Poland) 2016 Aqua Biosan (Romania) LIST OF CLIENTS Apple · Intel · Nestle · RD Energy · Iskar · Israel (30 largest hospitals; whole hospital water purification dialysis system; resuscitation department) · Rosneft · Gazprom · KFC · Siemens FM Logistic · KAMAZ · ORIMI trade Ltd. T E C H N O LO G Y Patents issued: 10 – USA, 10 – China, 75 – Russia, 10 – EU and more PATENTED High frequency flushing • Maximum permeate recovery and high efficiency operated are achieved by using patented high frequency flushing technology. • High efficiency RO membranes are operated at their respective maximum capacities through their multi-year expected life cycles. • Pretreatment • High capacity Mineralization • Mg mineralization systems using magnesium corralite and MgO UF/RO • Winter Engineering/Aquaphor Professional manufactures UF/RO systems since inception in 2006. There are more than 200 industrial UF/RO systems operated in Israel alone. High efficiency softeners manufactured by Aquaboss USA (JV Electrophor and Hague, Ohio) Post & Pre filtration selective fibrous absorber 2 HIGHEST QUALITY FOR REASONABLE PRICE APRO series ‣ APRO-HP APRO-LP APRO-HS APRO-FA APRO-HC APRO-M APRO-CT APRO-PAP PROFESSIONAL water treatment APRO-FA systems THE UNIQUE FEATURES OF OUR APRO-FA SYSTEMS ALLOW A CONSISTENTLY PRODUCTION OF HIGH QUALITY WATER WITH FULLY A AUTOMATIC REMOTE CONTROL We introduce APRO-FA — fully automatic RO product BENEFITS line with Integrated ABB PLC with color touch screen • Fully automatic operation • Trouble free operation display and remote control kit • Equipped with an interface that allows Fully automatic system allows to set all the required operating parameters remote access of the reverse osmosis system, including the ratio of permeate to drain. • Automatically maintains the flow, pressure drop The system automatically starts and operates at the required parameters. • Auto cleaning After reaching the operating mode, the operating system decides the need • Improved water quality of regeneration, and other parameters required for trouble free continuous operation. It is an artificial intelligence control reverse osmosis system. • Extended membrane life • Space saving design • Built and assembled in EU • Quiet operation • Reduced operational costs SYSTEM EQUIPMENT • High rejection TFC GE Membranes

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