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Victorian Certificate of Education SUPERVISOR TO ATTACH PROCESSING LABEL HERE 2015 Letter STUDENT NUMBER CHINESE FIRST LANGUAGE Written examination Monday 16 November 2015 Reading time: 11.45 am to 12.00 noon (15 minutes) Writing time: 12.00 noon to 2.00 pm (2 hours) QUESTION AND ANSWER BOOK Structure of book Section Number of Number of questions Number of Suggested times questions to be answered marks (minutes) 1 1 1 25 30 2 1 1 30 40 3 5 1 25 50 Total 80 120 • Students are permitted to bring into the examination room: pens, pencils, highlighters, erasers, sharpeners, rulers and any printed monolingual and/or bilingual dictionary in one or two separate volumes. Dictionaries may be consulted during the reading time and also during the examination. • Students are NOT permitted to bring into the examination room: blank sheets of paper and/or correction fluid/tape. • No calculator is allowed in this examination. Materials supplied • Question and answer book of 15 pages, including Assessment criteria on page 15. Instructions • Write your student number in the space provided above on this page. • Write all your answers in the spaces provided in this question and answer book. The spaces provided give you an idea of how much you should write. Students are NOT permitted to bring mobile phones and/or any other unauthorised electronic devices into the examination room. © VICTORIAN CURRICULUM AND ASSESSMENT AUTHORITY 2015 2015 CHINESE FL EXAM 2 THIS PAGE IS BLANK 3 2015 CHINESE FL EXAM THIS PAGE IS BLANK TURN OVER 2015 CHINESE FL EXAM 4 SECTION 1 – Listening and responding Instructions for Section 1 Text 1, Question 1 (25 marks) You will hear one text. It will be played twice. There will be a pause of approximately five minutes between the first and second playings of the text. You may make notes at any time. Listen carefully to the text and then answer the questions in CHINESE. TEXT 1 You may make notes in this space. Question 1 a. 张海为什么成了一个京剧爱好者? 張海為什麼成了一個京劇愛好者? b. 为什么有的年轻人对京剧不感兴趣? 為什麼有的年輕人對京劇不感興趣? c. 为什么京剧“搜孤救孤”让观众看到了一种全新的京剧展示? 為什麼京劇“搜孤救孤”讓觀眾看到了一種全新的京劇展示? SECTION 1 – continued 5 2015 CHINESE FL EXAM d. 京剧如何在年轻人中争得一席之地? You may make notes 京劇如何在年輕人中爭得一席之地? in this space. e. 从对话中的哪些地方可以看出现在仍有为数不少的年轻人喜欢京剧? 從對話中的哪些地方可以看出現在仍有為數不少的年輕人喜歡京劇? f. 举例说明中国电影中的戏曲元素。 舉例說明中國電影中的戲曲元素。 END OF SECTION 1 TURN OVER 2015 CHINESE FL EXAM 6 SECTION 2 – Reading and responding Instructions for Section 2 Texts 2 and 3, Question 2 (30 marks) Read the two texts and then answer the question in 350–400 characters in CHINESE. TEXT 2 You may make notes in this space. Simplified form charac

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