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MEASURING MACHINES METROLOGY LABORATORY Pratt & Whitney ® Measurement Systems, Inc. MEASURING MACHINES METROLOGY LABORATORY The Standard of Accuracy Pratt & Whitney Metrology Laboratory Measuring Machines are the standard of accuracy to which all other gages are held subordinate. They are certified traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and represent the only dependable, commercially available, absolute reference system for long length measurement. When describing accuracy, the only meaningful definition must include all elements of the measurement system, from the transducer to the operator's influence. These instruments perpetuate this “Standard of Accuracy” set by Francis Pratt and Amos Whitney over 130 years ago and, as such, deliver time-tested reliability and accuracy. Systems are offered in standard lengths to 120 inches, available with either our Electrolimit or laser-based transducer, both easily measuring length, diameter, pitch diameter, round- ness, parallelism and taper. The Electrolimit® based measuring instrument utilizes Verifying a Precision end measure length a precision graduated master bar and maintains a non- accumulative accuracy throughout the measuring range. Our most recently developed laser-based measuring instrument provides laser interferometric measurements Gage management over the range of the system while utilizing a single master. Pratt & Whitney's Gage Management Software Program puts the history of all gage functions at your fingertips, making QA management easier than it's ever been before. Simple, Flexible and Fast It includes a full range of options for gage measurement, Both models are easily mastered. The Electrolimit-based operation sequencing, automatic comparison with standards version is mastered by aligning the measuring head optically and tolerance specifications, and storage and retrieval of with the appropriate graduation on the NIST traceable inch bar. measurement. It is also capable of printing calibration tables This value is then preset on the digital display and the part to and certification gage recall and recalibration scheduling, be measured then placed on the elevating table located calibration histories, and gage management reports. between the anvils. Finally, the measuring head is advanced until the analog meter indicates zero and the absolute measurement observed on the digital display. The laser-based measuring instrument is mastered Guaranteed Service/A 2LA Accredited throughout its entire measuring range by inserting a calibrated Pratt & Whitney offers a full one-year warranty and a gage block between the anvils, advancing the positioning network of nationwide service personnel who receive head until the analog meter indicates zero, and then preset- up-to-the-minute factory training to provide you with fast, ting the gage block value in the laser measurement display. experienced product support and calibration services The part to be measured is then placed on the elevating meeting ISO 1725 standards. We've built these Measuring table between the anvils and the positioning head and Machines to exacting standards of accuracy to guarantee advanced until the analog meter indicates zero. The you years of high productivity, reliability, and product integrity. absolute measurement can then be observed on the Our reputation as well as yours depends on it. laser measurement display. Hewlett Packard Laser Transducer System Electrolimit-Based System with Master Inch Bar MEASURING MACHINES LASER- BASED Laser Transducer System Positioning Head Agilent Technologies single axis linear distance measuring Non-rotating spindle. Measuring technique is independent system. Includes required optics, laser head, and computer of lead screw-driven positioning head. Measurements system measurement display. made between relative positions of optical components. Electrolimit Tailstock Laser Measurement Display This exclusive Pratt & Whitney development allows Provides system resolution of .000001 inches. Allows consistent, fully adjustable measuring pressures from for material temperature compensation, preset values, 2 to 48 oz. Constant measuring pressure permits and manual velocity of light compensation. Includes identical readings by different operators. Operator computer system. influence is completely eliminated.

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