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A FEASIBILITY STUDY OF LAUNCHING CAR WASH BUSINESS IN BANGKOK By Warun Jirachaisingh SIU PS: SOM-MBA-2006-07 A FEASIBILITY STUDY OF LAUNCHING CAR WASH BUSINESS IN BANGKOK A Project Presented By Warun Jirachaisingh Master of Business Administration in Management School of Management Shinawatra University June 2007 Copyright of Shinawatra University Acknowledgments Many people have greatly supported and provide enormous assistance to the completion of my project study. I would like to faithfully acknowledge my advisor, Dr. Chanchai Bunchapatanasakda. This study would not be able to be successfully completed without Dr. Chanchai’s ultimate kindness for his supervision and valuable advices. His experiences, expertise, professional guidance, and encouragement and any necessary inspirations received from him had brought me out to the confidences and strong attempt and willingness to commit myself to the research. I would like to express my thankful faithfulness to all MBA professors for teaching me in all courses and for additional useful and supportive advices and recommendations and suggestions, especially Dr. Pacapol Anurit, who gave very useful suggestions on proposal defense presentation day. I would like to deliver my honest gratitude to Shinawatra University for its granted educational scholarship and good experiences, and all of the university staffs for providing all possible conveniences and good coordinative management and assistances during I have spent for whole academic years in university. Furthermore, I would like to state my sincere impressions to all colleagues, who had given me a very truly strong friendship, encouragement and shared experiences and activities throughout the times we have spent on studies. Finally, I was utterly grateful to my family, Mr. Visith, Mrs. Prannarai, and Mr. Wanich Jirachaisingh, my parents and my younger brother who had continuously and fully always and encouraged me in every time and everything whenever needed. i Abstract The purpose of this study was to identify the direction of market opportunity for car wash business in Bangkok and provide database and information for entrepreneurs who are interested in this business can make a decision on investing in launching car wash business based on customers’ need not just financially but also in other aspects of management as well. The study investigated the significance of the relationship between demographic factors, marketing mix factors and factors that influence decision making on using car wash service in Bangkok. We employed descriptive statistics to analyze demographic data and One-Way ANOVA methods was used to test the hypotheses. The findings indicated that 86.8 percent of the respondents are regularly using car wash service. Their most convenient time is in the evenings during the weekends. Majority of them select the service with service charge 100 to 200 baht per time. They prefer to subscribe to the car wash service membership less than 2,000 baht. Top three priorities when they are choosing to be membership with car wash service operators were location, reliability and cleanness. The groups also stated that quality of the wash, safety, scratch protection, and satisfaction with the works are very important decision making factors that they concern when using car wash service. Finally, the group recommended that car wash service should charge the reasonable price, have good and friendly employees and do not waste the customers’ time. It should have a delivery service and have guarantee policies not only the quality of the wash matters but also the safety and properties inside the car. It should have additional services such as the waiting room, coffee club, bookstore, beauty shop for customers to use when they are waiting for their cars cleaned. Regarding financial analysis, we found that the investment will be returned within 3 years and IRR (Internal rate of return) for this project is 17.54% based on the assumption that the initial investment is estimated at 1,500,000 baht. Keywords: Car washes, Car wash industry – Bangkok, Customer satisfaction, Quality guarantee policy ii Table of Contents Title Page Acknowledgments i Abstract ii Table of Contents iii List of Figures v List of Tables

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