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ROUTESMART FOR POSTAL & PARCEL DELIVERY Analyze and Improve Distribution Operations to Increase Efficiency & On-time Performance ⊲ E-commerce Fulfillment ⊲ Parcel and Express Mail Services ⊲ Letter Carrier Round Planning ⊲ Door-to-door Distribution and Unaddressed Mail   routesmart.com Route Optimization Maximizes Service & Savings RouteSmart software solutions are scalable and can be deployed in a number of ways to suit the needs of your organization. •On-premise solutions support large-scale optimization projects to redefine and improve delivery and collection round structures and line-of-travel delivery order sequencing •Hosted, cloud-based, managed service solutions support daily delivery order sequencing for e-commerce parcel delivery routes Build the most efficient routes to support the methods and key requirements of your organization, including: • Declining mail volumes • Increases in parcel volumes • Time-sensitive deliveries • Convergence of parcel and mail operations • Every-other-day (A/B) service scenarios • Variable fleet characteristics and modes of delivery • Unaddressed deliveries and door-to-door distribution • Newspaper delivery Effective Routing is Your Key to Operational and Service Success Software solutions and professional services from RouteSmart Technologies allow you to meet the needs of large-scale distribution operations. RouteSmart’s core capabilities and experience can help your organization reduce costs, improve efficiency, and adapt to ever-changing routing scenarios. Support the needs of your organization in the 21st century by reducing route planning time from months and days to hours and minutes with the speed and precision of software from RouteSmart Technologies. Esri and ArcGIS® are registered trademarks of Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc., in the United States, the European Community, and certain other jurisdictions. © 2013 HERE. All Rights Reserved RouteSmart – Built for Postal & Parcel Distribution Routing Efficient distribution planning is the key to operational competitiveness in the changing field of postal and parcel distribution. Whether you are managing the growth of e-commerce or adapting to the decreasing volume of letter mail, automating your routing process is the key to maintaining operational effectiveness and positioning your organization for future opportunities. PARCEL DELIVERY AND PICKUP E-commerce fulfillment is driving parcel volumes higher, and there are opportunities for growth for distribution businesses. Efficient route territory planning and daily delivery sequencing are essential to remain competitive and manage steady growth. Software solutions from RouteSmart enable you to manage distribution requirements such as: • Meeting time-definite delivery commitments • Decreasing total route times and distance • Automating delivery order sequencing • Increasing stops per on-road hour RouteSmart Technologies provides both on-premise and hosted subscription services for daily routing execution automation. Combining a powerful feature set with expert implementation and experience, RouteSmart software solutions are a trusted choice for organizations tasked with managing parcel delivery and pickup distribution operations. LETTER CARRIER ROUND PLANNING Mail volumes are decreasing, however, the number of addresses that are required to fulfill your service obligation are increasing. Controlling costs through efficient routing is paramount to maintaining your competitive advantage as the industry continues to evolve. Software solutions from RouteSmart enable you to transition with the market and create distribution scenarios that: • Model multiple modes of service – walking, driving, and cycling • Balance rounds with park and loop–style distribution • Optimize walking and driving service using algorithms designed for postal carrier routing •R  ationalize service scenarios such as every-other-day delivery, parcel and mail convergence, and delivery of additional products, such as newspapers, periodicals, and other products With a large portion of all delivery costs spent in last-mile delivery operations, planning tools from RouteSmart Technologies enable savings that simply are not possible to achieve via traditional manual planning processes. RouteSmart software is relied upon by the largest national posts, including USPS, Itella, Australia Post, and Swiss Post, and our solutions continue to evolve to enable new levels of operational savings to be realized. DROP BOX COLLECTION Pickup is a critical component of the postal and parcel industry. Once a package is deposited with you, there is a high expectation from your customers that their packages and letters will be picked up in a timely fashion and processed without delay. RouteSmart software solutions help ensure that you meet your obligations for servicing drop boxes and other collection points efficiently while factoring for variables such as: • Optimizing within posted pickup times •

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