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GE Healthcare Discovery™ CT750 HD Product Description Discovery CT750 HD offers a new system that puts you on the leading edge of CT and positions you at the forefront of diagnostic care. With technology that re-imagines tomographic clarity and safety, the Discovery CT750 HD enables world’s first High Definition CT. Discovery CT750 HD achieves this technological leap forward through a revolutionary scintillator material. The Discovery CT750 HD with its Gemstone™ imaging chain bring clinicians and referring Physicians up to 47% improvement in image quality, up to 50% dose reduction across the entire body and exceptional Spectral Imaging capabilities. The leading edge of CT clarity The Discovery CT750 HD CT Scanner System is indicated for head, whole body, cardiac and vascular X-ray Computed Tomography applications. The device output is a valuable medical tool for the diagnosis of disease, trauma, or abnormality and for planning, guiding, and monitoring therapy. If the Spectral Imaging option is included on the system, the system can acquire CT images using different kV levels of the same anatomical region of a patient in a single rotation from a single source. The differences in the energy dependence of the attenuation coefficient of the different materials provide information about the chemical composition of body materials. This approach enables images to be generated at energies selected from the available spectrum to visualize and analyze information about anatomical and pathological structures. Introduction Discovery CT750 HD is the first head and whole body high Primary Benefits definition imaging CT scanner. Major sub-systems of the scanner See more have been re-engineered to improve image quality enabling the Higher Spatial Resolution: visualization of greater anatomical detail and to provide the The Discovery CT750 HD capability of reducing the radiation dose required for diagnostic Scanner delivers up to 33% studies. Discovery CT750 HD achieves this technological leap improvement in spatial forward through a exceptional re-design of the imaging chain. resolution for body scan The Discovery CT750 HD scanner delivers up to 33% improvement modes and up to 47% in spatial resolution for body scan modes and up to 47% improvement improvement in spatial in spatial resolution for cardiac scan modes, allowing the scanner resolution for cardiac scan to accurately quantify stenosis in coronary and vascular vessels. modes relative to previous GE Products. The HD Scanner Equally important, the Discovery CT750 HD offers a revolutionary demonstrates best-in-class advanced reconstruction algorithm that requires very low mA spatial resolution of 0.23mm settings, resulting in dramatically reduced dose by up to 50% for scanning modes up to 2m compared to predecessor CT systems. The Discovery CT750 HD is in coverage. The improvement optionally capable of other advanced application techniques such in spatial resolution provides as dynamic and spectral imaging. Both these

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