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AUTOMATIC M E T E R READING AUTOMATIC METER READING Reading of electrical energy, The usual way of doing 2 gas, water or heat meters it is by physically visiting is done primarily for the the meters by authorized purpose of billing and personell, visually reading charging the energy or water the counters, and manually consumed in a certain time entering the data on paper or period. into a handheld computer. This is a costly, time-consuming, error-prone and fraud-prone way of getting the data on how much energy, water or gas the customers spent, and often the customers are billed for an estimated, not real consumption. There’s also no possibility of real-time insight into what’s going on in the sumption and other data to distribution network. the central location (AMI – Ad- 3 vanced Metering Infrastruc- There is a solution to these ture). drawbacks - AMR (Automatic Meter Reading). AMR systems consist of a classic meter (or a meter with an M-Bus or Wire- less M-Bus communication module), a wired or wireless device which reads the me- ter, software and device to read the meters in a walk-by or drive-by manner, and/or a GPRS concentrator which automatically sends the con- SOFTWARE GSM/GPRS RadioSphere WMG ActiveAntenna M-Bus M250GL GTL2222AD CENTRAL UNIT/ 00 HANDHELD UNIT :5 00 :5(3 RECEIVER 00 :76 RADIO TRANSMITTER/ 00 00 00 00 EQIPMENT :3 :3 3 3 METER READING Hydro Pulsar Gas Pulsar DIRECT MOUNT PULSE OUTPUT SERIAL DATA CONNECTION 210 2 3 3 kW h 21023345 21023345 METERRING AND Gas Pressure Gas Flow Controllers

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