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THE LIBERATING TEACHINGS OF BUDDHADASA ON As recorded by Santidhammo Bhikkhu aka Jack Kornfield THE LIBERATING TEACHINGS OF BUDDHADĀSA ON SUCHNESS As recorded by Santidhammo Bhikkhu aka Jack Kornfield This electronic edition is the fruit of the collaboration of a network of volunteers and has been made possible with the kind permission of Ajahn Jack Kornfield. © Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives, 2017 Published by The Buddhadāsa Indapañño Archives Vachirabenjatas Park (Rot Fai Park) Nikom Rot Fai Sai 2 Rd., Chatuchak, Bangkok, 10900 Thailand. Tel. +66 2936 2800 Fax. +66 2936 2900 www.bia.or.th For free distribution only Anumodanā To all Dhamma Comrades, those helping to spread Dhamma: Break out the funds to spread Dhamma to let Faithful Trust flow, Broadcast majestic Dhamma to radiate long-living joy. Release unexcelled Dhamma to tap the spring of Virtue, Let safely peaceful delight flow like a cool mountain stream. Dhamma leaves of many years sprouting anew, reaching out, To unfold and bloom in the Dhamma Centers of all towns. To spread lustrous Dhamma and in hearts glorified plant it, Before long, weeds of sorrow, pain, and affliction will flee. As Virtue revives and resounds throughout Thai society, All hearts feel certain love toward those born, aging, and dying. Congratulations and Blessings to all Dhamma Comrades, You who share Dhamma to widen the people’s prosperous joy. Heartiest appreciation from Buddhadāsa Indapañño, Buddhist Science ever shines beams of Bodhi long-lasting. In grateful service, fruits of merit and wholesome successes, Are all devoted in honor to Lord Father Buddha. Thus may the Thai people be renowned for their Virtue, May perfect success through Buddhist Science awaken their hearts. May the King and His Family live long in triumphant strength, May joy long endure throughout this our word upon earth. from Mokkhabalārāma Chaiya, 2 November 2530 Preface The teachings in this notebook date from 1971. They are handwritten notes of the Dharma offered orally and in writing by Ajahn Buddhadasa. I lived there as a forest monk, and was drawn to Buddhadasa as Dharma revolutionary, a respected friend of Ajahn Chah, and inspiration to a whole generation. In teachings and form, Buddhadasa stepped beyond the popular forms of Thai Buddhism and offered its pith and essence. Whether in the description of Everyday Nirvana, in the language of non-selfishness instead of non self, in teachings on the void and the turning from modern Buddha Images to the simplicity of a circle of stones in the forest under the trees, Buddhadasa offered pure and powerful Dharma to all who would listen. May these words from a half century ago carry some of his liberating spirit. Jack Kornfield Spirit Rock Center 2017 About the Author Buddhadāsa Bhikkhu was born in 1906, the son of a southern Thai mother and an ethnic Chinese father. He followed Thai custom by entering a local monastery in 1926, studied for a couple years in Bangkok, and then founded his own refuge for study and practice in 1932. Since then, he has had a profound influence on not only Thai Buddhism but other religions in Siam and Buddhism in the West. Among his more important accomplishments, he: • Challenged the hegemony of later commentarial texts with the primacy of the Buddha’s original discourses. • Integrated serious Dhamma study, intellectual creativity, and rigorous practice. • Explained Buddha-Dhamma with an emphasis on this life, including the possibility of experiencing Nibbāna ourselves. • Softened the dichotomy between householder and monastic practice, stressing that the noble eightfold path is available to everyone. • Offered doctrinal support for addressing social and environmental issues, helping to foster socially engaged Buddhism in Siam. • Shaped his forest monastery as an innovative teaching environment and Garden of Liberation. After a series of illnesses, including strokes, he died in 1993. He was cremated without the usual pomp and expense. Notebook used by Santidhammo Bhikkhu aka Jack Kornfield in 1971. Ref. document of the Buddhadāsa Indapañño Archives: BIA 5.3/27. 3 archives.bia.or.th 3 Recommended Reading (Books) by Buddhadāsa Bhikkhu • Mindfulness With Breathing: A Manual for Serious Beginners • Handbook for Mankind • The First Ten Years of Suan Mokkh • Buddha-Dhamma for Students • Heartwood of the Bodhi Tree • Keys to Natural Truth • The Prison of Life • Paticcasamuppāda: Practical Dependent Origination • Under the Bodhi Tree: Buddha’s Original Vision of Dependent Co-Arising • A Single Bowl of Sauce: Teachings Beyond Good and Evil by Jack Kornfield • Living Dharma: Teachin

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