• Document: ALFOplus80 + AGS-H. Access Link Full Outdoor 80 GHz (E-Band) & Fixed Modulation 4QAM Native IP Radio and TDM - Point to Point Radio Link
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ALFOplus80 + AGS-H Access Link Full Outdoor 80 GHz (E-Band) & Access Gateway System - Hybrid Fixed Modulation 4QAM Native IP Radio and TDM - Point to Point Radio Link Copyright Siae Microelettronica S.p.a. 1 Training items 1. General overview ALFOplus80 + AGS-H 2. Installation ODU 3. Software connection 4. Line up 5. Tributary and Ethernet switch 6. Maintenance 7. Alarm & Troubleshooting 2 AGS-H Connectors Traffic STM1 Software LAN 3, 4 Serial management (1+0/2+0) restart LAN 2, 4 (optical) Console -48Vdc Slot SDHC LAN 1, 3 16 E1 75/120Ω Gigabit ODU (up to 4GByte) User in/out (optical &electric) USB/LCT Power supply Fuse Available only : AGS-H 1GO 2xSTM1 16xE1 (GAI0191) LEDs and Group Alarm: IDU Power Supply On Critical (red) Hw Fail URGent affect traffic Link Down Major (Orange) Los Web LCT Ready to Minor (yellow) Radio changing Not URGent Bootstrap loading connect Don’t affect traffic Link OK Warning (light blue) Alarm indication Signal LED time SoftWare mismatch = only during the bootstrap and when software fail ON ON ON ON SW ON OFF OFF TEST = Active Manual Operation (Loop, Radio Switch, FM test, Radio Ber test, etc) TEST OFF ON OFF ON = Power Supply on URG OFF OFF OFF/ON NURG OFF OFF OFF/ON 3 Block Diagram Radio System Max lenght : • 100m for 1000BaseT • Depending of SFP for 1000BaseX Payload IDU Traffic : Hybrid connection IDU-ODU 80GHz E1 Hybrid L1 Cable PortA Tx STM1 Frame FPGA ETH L2 Rx Management CPU Traffic : Mngt, LCT µ ALARM ODU Led status ALFOPLUS80 Main Controller Unit Power Supply 48Vdc 4 Composite Structure Diagram TDM traffic TDM IDU AGS-H RFCOH STM1 frame E1 frame Ip Ethernet Traffic : ODU port (1000BaseT or 1000BaseX) Local ODU 1+0/2+0 STM1 (63/126 E1) SFP RFCOH( Radio Frame 16 E1 SCSI Complementary Over Head) transport Hybrid information of : IP Ethernet -Alingment (new frame) Traffic : Frame -LLI (Local Link ID) 8bit 1Gbps LAN1 LAN2 1Gbps Switch -Radio management 1Gbps 1Gbps LAN3 Ethernet Internal channel (Out of Band)

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