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© Siemens AG 2009 SITRANS F flowmeters SITRANS F M System information SITRANS F M electromagnetic flowmeters ■ Overview High-powered flowmeters are used for difficult applications where other flowmeters can't stand up to the task. This flowmeter SITRANS F M electromagnetic flowmeters are designed for meas- can handle liquids and heavy slurries in industries such as min- uring the flow of electrically conductive mediums. ing, cement and pulp & paper. The full SITRANS F M program consists of three different types of flowmeters making Siemens unique in that it covers all possi- ble applications where electromagnetic flowmeters are a suit- able match: Modular pulsed DC flowmeters cover all ordinary applications within all industries. The wide variety of combinations and ver- sions from the modular system means that ideal adaptation is possible to each measuring task and application. 4 SITRANS F M 911/TRANSMAG 2 SITRANS F M products Battery-operated water meters (fully electronic) are the perfect match for drinking water applications like network distribution, revenue metering and irrigation where mains power is not avail- able. In addition, it complies with the MID (EU) and OIML R49 water meter standards and has the MCERTS certificate. SITRANS F M MAG 8000 4/12 Siemens FI 01 · 2010 © Siemens AG 2009 SITRANS F flowmeters SITRANS F M System information SITRANS F M electromagnetic flowmeters ■ Benefits Easier commissioning of MAG 5000, 6000, 6000 I All SITRANS F M pulsed DC electromagnetic flowmeters feature a unique SENSORPROM memory unit which stores sensor cali- bration data and transmitter settings for the lifetime of the prod- uct. At commissioning the flowmeter commences measurement without any initial programming. The factory settings matching the sensor size are stored in the SENSORPROM unit. Also customer specified settings are down- loaded to the unit. Should the transmitter be replaced, the new transmitter will upload all previous settings and resume meas- urement without any need for reprogramming. Further, the „fingerprint“ used in connection with the SITRANS F M Verificator is stored during the initial sensor cali- bration. Easier service Transmitter replacement requires no programming. SENSORPROM automatically updates all settings after initializa- 4 tion. Room for growth USM II the Universal Signal Module with "plug & play" simplicity, makes it easy to access and integrate the flow measurement with almost an

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