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SnapValet ARB Team 03 1 Test Plan & Cases Molly Karcher 2 Testing Strategy Overview • Unit testing • JUnit & Eclipse • Value-based prioritization • Automated Functional Testing • Using Android ActivityMonitor • Functional tests map to TC-01 through TC-07 from TCP • Requirements-Test traceability • Test suite run on-commit • Formal Quality Testing (Acceptance Testing) • Functional tests performed manually on clients pointing to a deployed production box 3 Functional Test Cases • TC-01-01 Create a Driver User Profile • TC-01-02 Create a Valet User Profile • TC-01-03 Edit a Driver User Profile • TC-02-01 Check-in at Location as Valet • TC-02-02 Create a new Valet Shift • TC-02-03 Receive Retrieval Requests on Valet Queue • TC-02-04 Acknowledge & Edit Customer Retrieval Requests on Valet Queue • TC-02-05 Send Re-parking Notification from Valet Queue • TC-02-06 Close out Valet Shift • TC-03-01 Driver Check-in at Location 4 Functional Test Cases • TC-04-01 Car Retrieval Request • TC-05-01 Process Mobile Payment through App • TC-05-02 Opt out of Mobile Payment • TC-05-03 Post-Pickup Confirmation Email & Receipt • TC-06-01 Create Valet Company Administrative Account • TC-06-02 Add Employees through Administrative Account • TC-06-03 Add Managed Locations through Administrative Account • TC-06-04 Remove Employees through Administrative Account • TC-06-05 Remove Managed Locations through Administrative Account • TC-07-01 Scale to 25,000 Users. 5 Example: TC-04-01 Car Retrieval Request 6 SnapValet ARB Team Evaluation Molly Karcher 7 Strengths and Weaknesses: Operational View Strengths Weaknesses • All members are friendly, • Deliverables generated very collaborative, and punctual in regards to deadlines close to deadlines, leaves • Strong sense of communal minimal time for verification responsibility for deliverables • Lack of availability of remote • Client is very available, team member during normal agreeable, and responsive workday hours • Quick and decisive in task delegation; good sense of • Becoming less conscientious communal responsibility about sending meeting • Use of online collaboration tools minutes and updating Bugzilla (Google groups, Bugzilla, Winbook, Facebook messages, tasks as final exams for other etc. classes approach • Better cross-role collaboration • Will lose one teammate in 577b since first ARB 8 Strengths and Weaknesses: Technical View Strengths Weaknesses • All computer science Masters • Lack of mobile development students - quickly & effectively experience learn new technologies • Lack of familiarity with • Strong familiarity with MySQL Braintree API • Strong familiarity with Java • Scope creep (easy transition to Android) • Lack of experience building • Some of the team took Web scalable systems from scratch Tech this semester • COTS tools nailed down and prototyped 9 Overall Project Evaluation • Detailed/feasible, though very ambitious schedule for 577b – Development will need to be very closely tracked to ensure we maintain schedule. • All high risks have been identified as requirements stabilized, and all have mitigation plans, but have not actually be mitigated yet – At present, not all Win Conditions have been prototyped • Technical architecture was developed very thoroughly and with collaboration of entire team, so it is very well understood – Should ease initial phases of development & learning curve for all developers 10 Operations Concept Description Abhinandan Patni 11 Outline • System Purpose • Shared Vision • Proposed System • Benefits Chain Diagram • System Boundary • Desired Capabilities and Goals 12 System Purpose • To enable cashless transactions for valet parking payment. • To increase the speed of the valet pick-up service. • To improve the valet experience of customers. • To facilitate better trans

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