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CONTRAINDICATIONS FOR IPL/LASER TREATMENTS Permanent Contraindications: You will unfortunately not be able to HAVE the treatment if any of the below apply:  Vitiligo  Diabetes  Porphyria  Dark - Black Skin (Fitzpatrick VI)  Haemophilia  Lupus Disease  Gold Injections  Keloid Scarring  Herpes simplex  Xeroderma (XP)  Use of anti-coagulants  Liver or kidney disease  Photosensitive epilepsy  Heart diseases or pacemakers  Cancer of any form at any time  Autoimmune diseases, HIV or AIDS  Thyroid problems (hormone imbalance)  Severe high blood pressure or circulation problems  Deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins, inflammation of the veins CONTRAINDICATIONS FOR IPL/LASER TREATMENTS Temporal Contraindications Unfortunately the START of your course will be DELAYED if any of the below apply: 1. Pregnant, breastfeeding or lactating 2. Recently tanned skin:  Sun (UVA/UVB) exposure (4 weeks after last exposure)  Tan bed (4 weeks after last use)  Fake tan (4 weeks after last use)  Bleaching agents (4 weeks after last use) 3. Cosmetic Chemical Peeling:  Light chemical peeling (4 weeks after last treatment for light peeling, medical peeling with TCA is longer required doctor approval)  Microdermabrasion ( 3-4 weeks after last treatment) 4. Treatment with:  Anti-inflammatories (2 weeks after last use)  Oral Antibiotics (2 weeks after last use)  Hydrocortisone (3 weeks after last use)  Medical strength retinoid ( 4 week after last use)  Acutane - Roaccutane (6 months to 1 year after last use)  Electrolysis (6 weeks after last use)  Wax, tweezing, plucking, threading (4 weeks after last use) Contraindicated Areas  Do not go over any areas where there are tattoos, permanent makeup, or contraindicated implants.  Filler, Do not go over any areas with recently cosmetic filler injection.  Do not treat area with botox recently injected.  Do not treat open wound.  Sunburned or tanned area.  Keep away from the eyes and mucous zone.  Over keloids.  Areas with piercings. Contraindicated Implants:  A birth control method often referred to as "the stick";  Lap Bands. In the case of implanted birth control, this only applies to treatments near the implant, ex: Underarms or Upper Arms. In case of doubt about any implant contraindication contact the manufacturers or doctor, and ask for a written confirmation or authorization. A client with the stick may receive a treatment anywhere but in the upper arm, breast, or underarm region. For all other areas, they must be informed of the potential risk of falling pregnant, and the therapist must record fully in their notes the details of the discussion. Non-contraindicated Implants:  Breast implants Photo-Sensitising Topical Creams, Natural Supplements, or Oral Medication – IPL Contraindications - Citrus Essential Oils: Oils taken from the rind of Orange, Lemon, Mandarin, Lime, and Bergamot are highly photo-sensitising and if used in pure form, will cause skin to burn if exposed too long to light. The client needs to wash off the oil and leave the skin 24 hours to return to normal; - St John's Wort, Prescribed Retin-A: If the client has used any of these medications for up to 1 month, they need to cease use and come back in a month. If the client has used any of these for over a month, then they need to cease use and leave any Pulsed Light or Laser treatments for 3 (three) months. In the case of Retin-A (also called Retinol or Concentrated Vitamin A) or St John's Wort, we are only concerned with creams that have been prescribed by a GP, Naturopath, or Dermatologist. Over the counter products are very low dose and largely ineffective, and are not considered a contraindication to treatment but client must cease of use a week before treatment. - Doxycycline, Tetracycline, and Minomycin: These compounds (not an extensive list) are most common in powerful antibiotics, and their use causes the skin to become photo-sensitive. Drugs containing these compounds are usually prescribed when normal antibiotics don't do the trick, or to fight an ongoing condition, or even in conjunction with skin creams where a bacterial infection is present. Black Garments - IPL Contraindications Light attracts to areas of darkness, and particularly in the case of nylon or polyester underwear and bras, pulsed light can melt the fabric onto the skin if accidental contact occurs. If working near these areas, have the client remove the garment and cover themselves with a towel instead. Depilatory Creams & Sprays - IPL Contraindications Minimal use of depilatory creams is enough to permanently damage the skin, and therefore their use is a definite contraindication to treatment for

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