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FINAL EXPENSE Life Insurance SALES PRESENTATION © Agent Selling Script Manual © P age |2 Copyright © 2011 Connect To Success, Inc. Dr. Troy G. Clark. All rights reserved. Writings contained herein are from the author unless otherwise referenced. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any way by any means -electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording or otherwise - without prior permission from Dr. Troy Clark. DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this sales manual do not guarantee satisfactory results for individual agents or agencies who apply any information to their selling technique. All information provided is a suggestion, and may or may not be the best suggestion for the selling techniques and scenarios any agent encounters. Any user - person/agent/agency/corporation - who utilizes any part of this sales manual, is 100% responsible for their own individual or corporate selling performances, while utilizing this sales manual. Every customer is to always be treated by an agent with utmost respect and dignity. Other publications by Dr. Troy G. Clark at www.TroyClark.net The secret to selling is to sell the secret. © (Explaining your product should sound like the “best kept secret” in the entire insurance industry. Make qualifying for one of your plans a “mystery of anticipation”.) Troy G. Clark, Ph.D. Life  Insurance 1809, Noun Providing payment of a stipulated sum to a designated beneficiary upon death of the insured. Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary 11th Collegiate Version 3.0, 2003 P age |3 TABLE OF CONTENTS Tie Downs Explained 4 Final Expense Selling Pointers 5 Answering Machine Agent Phone Messages 7 Steps To The Sale 8 -----------------------------Final Expense Sales Presentation-------------------------- Verify Customer Information 9 Why I Am Calling 10 Customer Warm Up 12 Identify Customer Need 13 Pre-Qualify: Customer Health 14 Decision Maker 15 Customer Plan/Benefits Explained 16 Additional No-Cost Benefits 17 Quotes 18 Ask For The Sale 19 Collecting Payment Information 20 3-Way Underwriter Call 22 Seal The Sale 23 Referrals / Calling A Referral 24 Customer Objections/Concerns, Agent Rebuttals 25 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Old Leads” Intro Script 33 Agent Post-Sale Checklist/Bank Verification Script 34 Spike Questions 35 Burial Expenses 36 30 Important Funeral Decisions 37 Client Thank you Letter

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