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New Chaotic Algorithm for Video Encryption Suryadi MT Department of Mathematics, Universitas Indonesia Abstract—The new video encryption algorithm However, observing the domain of bit stream of all those discussed in this paper This algorithm is used to increase encryption techniques, most of VEA have this domain in resistance to known-plaintext attack brute-force attack. As the form of rows of elements 0 and 1 which are based on for the encryption process, multi chaos system, consisting of finite field or Galois field Z2 (2) or abbreviated to GF (2). logistic map and Arnold’s cat map, was used. Each of these This will make the process of data encryption is functioned as random number generation to get a key stream and random permutation respectively. For this relatively resistant to known-plaintext attack or brute- purpose, 3 logistic map were used with one key stream force attack. Known-plaintext attack is an attack which is formula based on Galois field (256) in order to increase done by making use of statistical information or the resistance to known-plaintext attack and brute-force attack. emergence of patterns that exist in the ciphertext. While The subsequent procedures included practical examination brute-force attack is an attack which is done by trying all and theoretical evaluation. The results of the practical possible keys available. examination are as follow: the resulted key space is Under these conditions, these paper come up with greater; the sensitivity level is lower; ideas for how VEA can overcome known-plaintext attack and the histogram is almost flat. The result of theoretical and brute-force attack through the application of chaotic evaluation by National Institute of Standards and cipher and also by improving the number of bits in the Technology (NIST) indicates that the function of random number generator really produces random numbers, shown domain of its bit stream. This is done with the method of by . Based on the results of multi-system chaos and by extending its basis stream bits. the practical examination and theoretical evaluation, it can The Galois field GF is developed from (2) into the form be concluded that the new chaotic algorithm for video GF (2 ^ n). The idea of this study is also in line with encryption is highly resistant to known-plaintext attack and studies using chaos functions [7, 8, 9, 10, 11] and the use brute-force attack. of the base form stream bit Galois field (N) [12]. In mid- 2012, Tong Zhang, et al. designing the image encryption Keywords—video encryption, multi chaotic cipher, algorithm combining two functions chaotic logistic map galois field (256) and the sine map [14]. Along with the development of this reseach since the beginning until now, main attempt is made to develop its I. INTRODUCTION base of Galois field. In earlier stage we developed There are many video encryption algorithms have been implementation of GF (2 ^ 3), and after some well known. From a standard one such as video improvement it reach to higher base of Galois field which is GF (2 ^ 8). This is done so that the proposed algorithm encryption algorithm (Data Encryption Standard - DES) will be much more robust against attacks (especially the to an improved and continuosly grown with a better brute-force attack and known-plaintext attack). algorithm such as Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Performance test of the proposed video encryption AES with Rijndael algorithm [1] give an alternative solution to the weak level of security in DES algorithm. algorithms is done by the key space analysis, sensitivity The Rijndael algorithm is implemented for text data. In analysis of key parameters, the average time of encryption addition, some video encryption algorithms (VEA) also and decryption process and also using the random have been presented such as moving picture experts group number generator freq

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