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Oral Abstract Presentations Monday, October 16 15.00 - 16.30 h. - Oral Abstract Presentations: Simultaneous sessions Oral Presentations Track 1: Advances in Nutrition Research Room 2 - Libertador C Chair Prof. Andrew M. Prentice MRC Unit. The Gambia & MRC International Nutrition Group. London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. United Kingdom. Abstracts: 144/350: Contribution of nutritional diversity and food perceptions to food and nutrition security among smallholder farming households in Western Kenya: A case study Author(s): Mary Ng'endo; Shonil Bhagwat; Gudrun Keding; 144/409: Selenium in commonly consumed foods of Bangladesh Author(s): Nazma Shaheen; Kazi Turjaun Akhter; Ishrat Nourin Khan; Nafis Md. Irfan; Abu Torab Md. Abdur Rahim; 144/414: Dietary patterns in adolescents aged 18 years: results from the 1993 Pelotas (Brazil) Birth Cohort Author(s): Juliana dos Santos Vaz; Romina Buffarini; Ana Maria Baptista Menezes; Maria Cecília Formoso Assunção; 144/460: Specific flavonoids intake is inversely associated with breast cancer risk among Chinese women: a case-control study Author(s): Caixia Zhang; Bo Yan; Fang-Yu Lin; Xiong-Fei Mo; Wei-Ping Luo; Yu-Feng Du; 144/498: Prognostic value of metabolites for predicting responsiveness to nutritional intervention against oxidative stress and inflammation Author(s): You Jin Kim; Oran Kwon; 144/541: Intake of Marine-derived Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Mortality in Renal Transplant Recipients Author(s): Camilo G. Sotomayor; António Gomes Neto; Ilse G. Pranger; Else van den Berg; Rijk O. B Gans; Sabitha S. Soedamah-Muthu; Gerjan Navis; 144/546: Changes in whole-blood polyunsaturated fatty acids and their predictors during recovery from severe acute malnutrition Author(s): Esther Babirekere-Iriso; Charlotte Mortensen; Ezekiel Mupere; Maren Rytter; Hanifa Namusoke; Kim F. Michaelsen; André Briend; Ken Stark; Henrik Friis; Lotte Lauritzen; 144/624: Hemoglobin concentrations and anemia prevalence among Congolese children 6-59 months with sickle cell and α-thalassemia hemoglobinopathies Author(s): Mikaela Barker; Amanda M. Henderson; Kyly C Whitfield; Angela M. Devlin; Esto Bahizire; Pierre Z. Akilimali; Pierrot L. Tugirimana; Erick Boy-Gallego; Tim J. Green; Crystal Karakochuk; 144/629: Association of PPAR gamma gene expression with dietary intake of fat and oil among non-diabetic subjects Author(s): Emad Yuzbashian; Maryam Zarkesh; Golaleh Asghari; Behnaz Mahmoodi; Mehdi Hedayati; Azitah Zadeh-Vakili; Parvin Mirmiran; Alireza Khalaj; Afsoon Daneshafrooz; Mohammad Safarian; Oral Presentations Track 2: Nutrition Through Life Course Room 4 - Libertador A Chair Prof. Stefaan de Henauw FENS Secretary. Department of Public Health. Ghent University. Ghent. Belgium. Abstracts: 144/419: An Analysis of the Relationship between 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D Levels and Musculoskeletal Health: A Population-Based Study of China’s Elderly Author(s): Wenzhi Zhao; Ai Zhao; Ignatius Man Yau Szeto; Wei Zheng; Yumei Zhang; 144/504: Winter vitamin D3 supplementation does not increase muscle strength but modulates the IGF-axis and height in young children Author(s): Charlotte Mortensen; Mølgaard Christian; Hauger Hanne; Kristensen Michael; Camilla T. Damsgaard; 144/557: Maternal alpha-linolenic acid intake is associated with offspring birthweight Author(s): Melinda Phang Phang; Hasthi Dissanayake; Rowena McMullan; David Celemajer; Jon Hyett; Adrienne Gordon; Michael Skilton; 144/558: A higher-carbohydrate, lower-fat diet during pregnancy is associated with greater gestational weight gain: The GUSTO study Author(s): Jun Shi Lai; Shu E Soh; See Ling Loy; Michael S Kramer; Lynette PC Shek; Fabian Yap; Kok Hian Tan; Keith M. Godfrey; Yap Seng Chong; Mary Chong; 144/581: Introduction of complementary foods to infants and children by age and ethnicity; national health and nutrition examination survey 2011- 2014 Author(s): Elieke Demmer; Christopher Cifelli; Jenny Houchins; Victor Fulgoni III; 144/592: Food intake pattern of school going children aged 3-5 years with and without autism in urban Dhaka, Bangladesh Author(s): Dilara Jahan; Naushin Atiya; Israt Nourin; Moffashara Sultana Ratna; Syeda Mahsina Akter; Swapan Kumar Roy; 144/608: Prenatal famine exposure and adult cognitive impairment: New evidence from China Author(s): Ping He; Gong Chen; Xinming Song; Xiaoying Zheng; 144/614: Feasibility and impacts of integrating nutrition interventions into an existing maternal, neonatal, and child health platform in Bangladesh Author(s): Phuong Nguyen; Sunny Kim; Tina Sanghvi; Zeba Mahmud; Lan Tran; Bachera Aktar; Kaosar Afsana; Edward Frongillo; Marie Ruel; Purnima Menon; Oral Presentations Track 3: Public Health Nutrition and Environment Room 1 - San Telmo Chair Dr. Camila Corvalán-Aguilar Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology (INTA). University of Chile. Santiago. Chile. Abstracts: 144/235: The association between insufficient sleep and dietary intake is age- and gender- dependent in Chinese children: a national multi-center study Author(s): Muqing Cao; Yanna Zhu; Jin

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