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WRITING A BUSINESS PLAN To consider financing, Business Partners requires a comprehensive and well-motivated well business plan from which a thorough understanding of your existing or proposed business, your own goals and objectives and your financing requirements can be obtained. ecific attention should be given to four key areas: the business itself, the management of the Specific business (the entrepreneurs involved), the market in which the business operates, the financial management and planning - the risks and rewards associated with tthe he total investment in the business. Although a guide to writing a business plan is being made available here, circumstances vary considerably and you will need to tailor your business plan depending on the type of business — technology, manufacturing, service rvice or retail. But, the basics remain the same. Every business plan should comprise of at least the following sections: • Cover page • Executive summary • Business overview — business profile — the product or service • Management — the entrepreneurs — the managementt structure • The Market — industry analysis — market analysis • Sales and Marketing strategy • Financial statements and projections • Legal and regulatory environment • SWOT analysis and risk/reward assessment • Appendices and supporting documentation © Bizco Business Consulting Phone: 012 323 23 1113 | Fax: 086 517 9360 | P.O. Box 35936 | Menlo Park | 0102 | info@bizco.co.za | www.bizco.co.za EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The executive summary is the MOST vital part of the business plan — it has to sell your strategy for success to the investor. The summary is an overview of the entire plan and must contain the highlights of the business plan and summarieses of each section. Therefore, although it is at the beginning of the document, it is usually written last to capture the essence of the plan. The summary stands alone and should not refer to other parts of your document. BUSINESS OVERVIEW 1. Write a business profile, including the following: • information on the background and history of the business • indicate the business form (proprietorship, Close Corporation, Company) • Is it a new business, take over, expansion, franchise? • The mission, and the company's y's long and short term objectives in terms of business growth and development, as well possible exit strategies (for example: buy out investors, sell to larger company, go public, etc) 2. The product or service • describe in full the product or services of offered fered by the business and the innovative features of these products and services and the competitive edge they afford the business over rivals in the market. • the expected product life cycle where applicable • include descriptions of key technologies employed and current and future research and development 3. Describe the location, premises and — where applicable — production facilities 4. Production and technology • describe production processes and capacity, identifying any existing constraints and possible problem areas • include a detailed analysis of the process of installing and commissioning any new technologies and production processes • ity assurance systems and procedures, and certification include information on quality • details of suppliers and sub-contractors, contractors, and any contractual arrangements governing the supply of key inputs 5. Elaborate on the business's past achievements and strengths and past problems and weaknesses, weakn and critical success factors COMPANY MANAGEMENT © Bizco Business Consulting Phone: 012 323 23 1113 | Fax: 086 517 9360 | P.O. Box 35936 | Menlo Park | 0102 | info@bizco.co.za | www.bizco.co.za 1. The entrepreneurs • include a description of the skills and experience of the entrepreneurs covering the key areas of technology and product development, production, sales, marketing, finance and administration • describe the position and the specific functions and responsibilities of each entrepreneur and/or manager • attach a detailed curriculum vitae of each entrepreneur • indicate the financial contribution of each entrepreneur to the business, and the current shareholding structure. 2. The management structure of the business • show company ownership structure, business units and subsidiaries where applicable • attach an organisation chart showing the func

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