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ORIGINAL USER MANUAL Winora radar powered by TranzX 1. FOREWORD 03 CONTENTS 1.1 System user manual instructions – model overview 04 1.2 Initial steps after the purchase 05 2. WHAT'S INCLUDED 06 3. S-PEDELEC 08 3.1 Legal notice 09 3.2 Technical information 12 3.3 Country-specific regulations 16 4. YOUR PEDELEC / S-PEDELEC 18 5. OPERATOR CONTROLS // FUNCTIONS 20 5.1 The control panel and DP27 display 20 5.2 System startup 23 5.3 Adjusting the default motor assist 24 5.4 Display upgrades: TEASI & COBI 25 6. THE RECHARGEABLE BATTERY // THE CHARGER 26 6.1 Safety information for the battery and charger 26 6.2 Inserting and removing the pedelec battery 29 6.3 Charging the battery 30 6.4 The range 31 7. MALFUNCTIONS – CAUSES & REMEDIES 32 7.1 Display of error codes 32 7.2 Troubleshooting 33 8. WARRANTY // GUARANTEE 34 9. DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY 35 1. FOREWORD Congratulations on the purchase of your Winora radar Pedelec / S-Pedelec with TranzX drive! We would like to sincerely thank you for purchasing our Winora radar pedelec (pedal electric cycle) / S-pedelec with TranzX drive, and we hope you enjoy using your new pedelec. Please have your dealer explain all the important functions to you and also read each of these user manuals carefully. We also strongly advise you to familiarise yourself thoroughly with the controls and performance of your pedelec before taking your first ride on public roads. Do not hesitate to contact your local dealer before using your pedelec / S-pedelec if you are uncertain about its assembly or settings. 3 1. FOREWORD 1.1 System user manual instructions – model overview This system manual forms a single unit together with the "Winora Group Bike Manual" and the "Winora Group Pedelec / eBike Manual". General information about using your pedelec, as well as drives and ranges can be found in the "Winora Group eBike / Pedelec Manual". General information about the bike and its components, as well as the assembly and safety instructions can be found in the "Winora Group Bike Manual". In this system manual you will find comprehensive information about the ORIGINAL BETRIEBSANLEITUNG drive system of your pedelec / S-pedelec. Winora radar powered by TranzX This user manual applies to the following Winora models: Winora radar plain Winora radar urban Winora radar tour Winora radar speed 4 1.2 Initial steps after the purchase The frame number If your bike is lost or stolen, it is essential that Your frame number you have adequately documented the identifying features of your pedelec / S-pedelec. This not only includes a photograph of the bike, but also the following information, which you can conveniently record on this page: You will find the embossed frame number on the left side of the seat tube near the motor. The key number Your key number The vehicle identification number (VIN) (only on radar speed) Your VIN Note Should you lose your keys, please do not hesitate to contact your dealer. You will find the embossed frame number on the right side of the seat

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