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Earthing & Lightning Protection Product Catalogue A.N. WALLIS - Earthing & Lightning Protection Product Catalogue Welcome to our latest Earthing & Lightning Protection catalogue We hope you will find your catalogue both informative and easy to use. We have included much more information within the tables and drawings to help you select the products you require. There are both new products and a wider selection of existing ranges included within this new catalogue. Many existing Wallis products have undergone design changes which have improved their mechanical performance and resistance to corrosion. Wallis Earthing & Lightning Protection materials supplied from our manufacturing facilities in Nottingham, UK are used on projects throughout the world. Hospitals in Kuwait, telecoms towers in Thailand, schools in Oman, railways in Hong Kong, residential towers in the UAE, petro chemical facilities in Malaysia and substations in Saudi Arabia all use Wallis Earthing & Lightning Protection. We are constantly working to improve our literature, so if you have any suggestions for us to improve this catalogue in the future, we would be pleased to hear from you. A. N. WALLIS & Co. Ltd • Tel +44 (0)115 927 1721 • Fax +44 (0)115 875 6630 • E-mail info@an-wallis.com • Website www.an-wallis.com CONTENTS Introduction 2–3 Product Locator 4–5 Alphabetical Product Index 6–8 Earthing 9 – 40 Lightning Protection 41 – 86 Conductors 87 – 104 Fasteners & Fixings 105 – 111 Part Number Index 112 – 115

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