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5G NR Update and UE Validation Sr. Project Manager/ Keysight JianHua Wu 3GPP Status Update 2 5G Scenarios and Use Cases B R O A D R A N G E O F N E W S E R V I C E S A N D PA R A D I G M S Great service In a Best experience Real-time & reliable Ubiquitous things Amazingly fast crowd follows you communications communicating eMBB mMTC UR/LL Mobile Broadband Massive Mission-Critical Access Machine Communication Machine Communication IoT • all data, all the time • 30 billion ‘things’ connected • ultra high-reliability • 2 billion people on social media • low cost, low energy • ultra-low latency courtesy of METIS: 2014 3 3GPP 5G NR Roadmap SOURCE: 3GPP 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 Rel-15 Rel-16 ✓ Release 15 (aka Phase 1, by June ‘18) will aim at enabling a first phase of expected Early Drop deployment in 2020 ✓ Release 16 (aka Phase 2, by Dec ‘19) ✓ Additional “Early Drop” milestone (Dec ‘17) Phase 2 Deployment added to support emerging market needs Phase 1 Deployment Late Drop ✓ Additional “Late Drop” milestone (Rel-15 freeze + 6 months) Early Phase 1 Deployment 4 Why mmWave? 5 eMBB 10-20 Gbps peak 100 Mbps whenever needed 10000x more traffic Macro and small cells Support for high mobility (500 km/h) Network energy saving by 100 times 6 LTE/LTE-A/LTE-A Pro D AT A T H R O U G H P U T E N H A N C E M E N T I N L T E • BW: 20M • BW: carrier aggregation • BW • Unlicensed band • MIMO: 4*4 MIMO • MIMO: 8*8 MIMO • LAA • Modulation: • LWA • Modulation: • LWIP 64QAM DL / 16QAM UL 256QAM DL / 64QAM UL R8 R9 R10 R11 R12 R13 R14 7 Frequency Range FR1 AND FR2 Ref: 3gpp 38.121-1 8 NR Band – FR1 n1 1 I NR LTE WCDMA 65 to 256 is reserved for new LTE and new NR bands in FR1 Ref : 3gpp 38.817-01 9 NR Band – FR2 257 to 512 is reserved for new NR bands in FR2. For FR2, the table will only contain unpaired frequency ranges, assuming that there will be no FDD operation Ref : 3gpp 38.817-01 10 mmWave Frequencies Challenge P R O PA G AT I O N C O N D I T I O N S Tx Rx R Antenna A Antenna B The relation between the transmitted power in A and the received power in B is given by the Friis Transmission Formula: Propagation losses Can be used to increase Prx (limited) Can be used to increase Prx 11 NR Network Architecture 12 5G Architecture Options – Standalone EPC 5GC Control plane User Plane gNB

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