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Work Keys Practice Questions (Formula Sheet and Keys are at the end of the packet) Name ______________________________________ Prairie State Exam WorkKeys: Applied Math Section The Applied Mathematics assessment measures a person's skill in using mathematics reasoning to solve work-related problems. As a test taker, you will have to set up and solve problems like those that actually occur in a workplace. Calculators are permitted. A formula sheet will be provided. The assessment contains 33 multiple choice questions at five levels of complexity with Level 7 being the most complex. Although Level 3 is the least complex, it still assesses a level of mathematical skill well above no skill at all. The levels build on each other by incorporating the skills assessed at the preceding levels. Regardless of the skill level, most of these problems will involve one or more of the following applications. Quantity: Employees often need to determine the number of items sold, produced, or purchased, or to figure totals on a per unit basis. Money: Working with monetary units is a central part of business and is tangential to virtually every job, if in no other way than to understand a paycheck. Tasks involving monetary units include figuring sales, costs, wages and expenses. Time: Some tasks involve figuring elapsed time. Other problems are also frequently figured in terms of time ( e.g., production, sales, costs, distance, area). In many of these tasks, employees must be familiar with conversion of time units. Measurement: Calculating distance, area, weight, and volume is crucial to most work situations. Again, employees must be familiar with conversions, as well as the appropriate degree of accuracy needed for different situations. Proportions and Percentages: Proportions can be used in many tasks that require making predictions (e.g., if this is the amount for X units, how much is needed for Y units?). Percentages are used in the workplace to calculate commisions, dicounts, taxes, price increases, changes in sales, and wage changes. Averages: Many records in the workplace are expressed in terms of averages (e.g., those involving sales records, wages, costs, hours worked). These averages become tools in the decision making processes of the business. Level 3 This level measures a person's skill in performing basic mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) and conversions from one form to another using whole numbers, fractions, decimals or percentages. 1. In your job as a cashier in the Saxon store, a customer gives you a $20 bill to pay for a pair of Sigie socks that costs $3.84. How much change should you give back? A) $15.26 B) $16.16 C) $16.26 D)$16.84 E) $17.16 2. It took you 1 hour to unpack, price and shelve 3 boxes of jeans at work. On the average, how many minutes did it take to unpack, price and shelve 1 box of jeans? A) 15 B) 20 C) 30 D) 40 E) 50 3. You work in a music shop and a customer wants to purchase 3 cassette tapes costing $8.99 each. Excluding any taxes, how much does the customer owe? A) $27.00 B) $26.97 C) $26.98 D) $27.03 E) $27.99 4. A customer in the music shop where you work purchases 3 cassette tapes. One costs $8.99, one costs $7.99, and one is on sale for $3.99. Excluding taxes, how much does the customer owe? A) $11.97 B) $20.97 C) $23.97 D) $26.97 E) $29.97 5. Calculate the missing values so as to complete the chart. UNIT NO. OF UNITS VALUE TOTAL VALUE crate of items __A__ 12 items per crate 36 purchased item 5 $__B__ per item $6.25 distance (mile) 7 2 hrs per mile __C__ hrs A = ___________ B = ___________ C = ___________ 6. You must keep track of inventory in an office supply warehouse. This week, 8 computers of a particular model have been shipped out of the warehouse to a local store, while 4 more computers of the same model have been received by the warehouse from the factory. What is the overall change in the number of these computers in inventory this week? A) down 8 B) up 4 C) down 4 D) up 8 E) down 12 7. Calculate the missing values so as to complete the chart. FRACTION DECIMAL PERCENT ½ __L__ Y N 0.85 C H K 40% L = ___________ Y = ___________ N = ___________ C = ___________ H = ___________ K = ___________ Level 4 This level measures a p

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