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TRITTICO® ORIGINAL BY BRAVO A WHOLE WORKSHOP IN A SINGLE MACHINE TRITTICO® STARTRONIC PREMIUM TRITTICO® STARTRONIC PLUS In 1974, I invented and patented your satisfaction: the Trittico® system for making gelato - traditional Italian gelato. I invented Trittico® starting from what I believe to be most important factor: your satisfaction when tasting the results of your work, creativity and professionalism - in a word, your gelato. I turned to technology to develop what is more than a simple machine: an innovative production philosophy, now enriched by forty years of experience, increased reliability and additional useful inventions. All new inventions, if they can be called such, must have two basic features: · THEY ARE DERIVED FROM THE CLOSE OBSERVATION OF NATURE AND ITS LAWS · THEY BECOME USEFUL INSTRUMENTS OF DAILY USE. Both features are found in the Trittico® philosophy. We start from nature and create added value for gelato makers. THE NATURE OF GOOD TRADITIONAL GELATO HAS TWO FUNDAMENTAL ASPECTS: BODY AND STRUCTURE. Basically, the BODY of gelato is its formulation, the select ingredients that give gelato its flavour and fragrance. The STRUCTURE, on the other hand, depends on the entire production cycle: cooking, sanitizing by thermal shock, cooling and whisking, all carried out so to obtain tiny, regularly-shaped ice crystals. This will make gelato as it is meant to be: healthy, balanced, soft, creamy and stable in the shop window. The Trittico® philosophy does precisely that: its respects the nature of gelato and your own creativity, and applies technology to guarantee perfect gelato structure every day. DISCOVER THE TRITTICO® PHILOSOPHY. 1 1 Cooking and heating pasteurization 2 Sanitizing by cooling thermal shock 3 Freezing while mixing whisking 2 3 1 Cooking and heating pasteurization Good gelato is HEALTHY, BALANCED, dry, soft, creamy and stable in the shop window. The production process is important right from the pasteurizing stage, which must: · RESPECT THE FORMULATION AND MONITOR AT ALL TIMES, SO THAT THE INGREDIENTS CAN ADDED AT THE RIGHT MOMENT; · REACH THE RIGHT TEMPERATURE FOR COOKING THE INGREDIENTS AND SANITIZING THE MIX WITHOUT DEVELOPING THERMAL INERTIA, WHICH WOULD BURN INGREDIENTS AND SPOIL THE TASTE OF THE END PRO DUCT BY DISRUPTING THE PROPERTIES OF THE HIGH-QUALITY PROTEINS OF MILK; · BE QUICK, SO TO PRESERVE BOTH THE FLAVOUR DEFINITION AND THE SPECIFIC CHARACTERISTICS OF THE FLAVOURS IN THE FORMULATION. 4 Vertical upper tank with a transparent lid, equipped with a safety switch and an air valve to control condensation. THIS MEANS THAT YOU CAN CONSTANTLY MONITOR ALL PROCESSES AND ADD THE INGREDIENTS AT THE RIGHT TIME. The tank is heated by patented resistance sheets: unlike the bain-marie system, the tanks reach the desired temperature quickly and precisely, they do not store heat and prevent thermal inertia. Internal probes control the exact temperature of the entire mix (even at the centre). THIS MEANS THAT THERE IS NO RISK OF SPOILING THE TASTE BY SCALDING THE INGREDIENTS (e.g., milk proteins), AND YOU CAN MAKE CUSTARD, SAUCES AND OTHER DELICATE PREPARATIONS EASILY AND IN FULL RESPECT OF HYGIENE REGULATIONS. The patented mixer closely scrapes the tank walls, blending the mixture thoroughly. THIS MEANS THAT THE MIXTURE DOES NOT STICK TO THE TANK AND DOES NOT GET SCALDED; EVEN THE MOST DELICATE PRODUCTS COME OUT PERFECTLY SMOOTH AND WITH NO LUMPS. FLAVOR DISPENSER SUPPLIED. 5 2 Sanitizing by cooling thermal shock Good gelato is HEALTHY, balanced, dry, soft, creamy and stable in the shop window. The mixture passes from the upper tank into the lower tank through a patented internal passage, with no chance of contamination from the outside. The thermal shock is produced by the direct, immediate passage into the cooling tank. The mixture’s temperature drops from 85°C to 4°C within minutes, eliminating any remaining bacteria and providing a product that is absolutely safe. Cleaning the machine is quick and easy: water is heated in the upper tank a

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