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WHITE PAPER Cybera ONE — ® Secure SD-WAN as a Service The Cybera ONE® Secure SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) as a Service offers customers predictable costs for securely scaling the number of remote locations as their business grows. Inserting Cybera’s cloud-based, Secure SD-WAN as a Service into Overall, Cybera customer remote networks eliminates the need for customers customers to purchase additional SD-WAN controllers, firewalls, and other enjoy total cost networking and computing devices to securely connect remote of ownership locations. (TCO) savings of These remote locations also benefit from reliable and trusted network upwards to 90%. and application security. Application security can be applied to many distinct types of applications with each application enjoying performance and security predictability. Thanks to Cybera ONE’s zero-touch provisioning, customers can easily accelerate secure application deployment to remote locations without having to hire or send in full- or part-time IT, network, and security experts. If help is ever needed, Cybera’s SD-WAN as a Service includes these technical skills via subject matter experts available on a 24×7×365 basis. Overall, Cybera customers enjoy Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings of upwards to 90% when compared to hiring in-house expertise, and when compared to other vendor solutions offering comparable SD-WAN capabilities. Cybera ONE SD-WAN vs. Traditional Networking Cybera ONE is a private, cloud-based subscription service solution that marries two key functions, providing customers with peace of mind when it comes to securing the networks, applications and data that encompass their distributed network of remote business locations. 1. The SCA-325 Edge Platform provides a highly secure connection between a customer’s remote location and Cybera’s private SD-WAN cloud. 2. Cybera’s private SD-WAN cloud securely connects customer applications to pre-identified destinations for processing payments and connecting mission critical applications. Together, these two Cybera ONE functions provide industry leading security for the distributed enterprise; based upon the strong foundation of end-to-end network segmentation and business appropriate security levels on an application-specific basis. As the “Traditional Networking vs. Cybera SD-WAN” diagram (following page) illustrates, applications deployed at the network edge (remote locations) in the “traditional networking” environment are largely independent of the network in the sense the network is unaware of Cyb era O NE ® — S ecure S D- WAN as a S er v ice 2. Traditional Networking APP 1 App Experience is the Customer’s Burden APP 1 2 APP 1 3 APP 14 APP 15 Wide Area Network APP 6 Customer Site Data Center

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