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The Apostles Doctrine Then they that gladly received his word were baptized: and the same day there were added unto them about three thousand souls. And they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers. (Acts 2:41-42) Those that "gladly received the Word," in this passage, were said to do a number of things. But before we examine those things they did, notice that it was all based on their RECEPTION of the Word with gladness. In other words, they EMBRACED the Truth. And once they embraced the Truth that Truth had such an effect upon them, that they did the things described in the passage. You cannot "receive the Word with gladness" and be the same as you were before. You can’t. You cannot remain passive either. If all we were talking about is giving intellectual assent to doctrines, we must see how there would not be much effect in our lives. But once we understand that what these people received was eternal Truth well, and then we see that what was going on here was that they were being set free to worship Yahusha (Jesus), to walk with Yahusha (Jesus). They began, at this point, to act like it. Do we actually think that we can encounter Yahusha Ha Mashyach (Jesus Christ) and have it NOT affect us? Do we think that being believers in Yahusha Ha Mashyach (Jesus Christ) is nothing more than, "getting religion," or "learning a belief system?" Becoming a believer and follower of Yahusha Ha Mashyach (Jesus Christ) is a new life. It is "Mashyach (Christ) in you, the hope of glory (Colossians 1:27)." You cannot repent, and place your faith in Yahusha Ha Mashyach (Jesus Christ), and become one with Yahuah (God) through His Son, and be the same! You aren’t the same. That’s the whole point! Your whole lifestyle changes. What we find in the book of Acts is a group of people who had their lives drastically altered by a revelation to them of Yahusha Ha Mashyach (Jesus Christ), and by a conversion to Him which was real and life-changing. This wasn’t about agreeing with teaching, or about joining an assembly or synagogue. It was about having Yahuah (God) come and live inside of you. The Apostles Doctrine Luke writes that these new believers in Yahusha Ha Mashyach (Jesus Christ)”continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine." There are three questions here. 1. First, what does that mean, "to continue steadfastly?" 2. Secondly, what is meant by the term, "the apostle’s doctrine?" 3. Thirdly, what was that doctrine? First, "to continue steadfastly," means to LIVE IN. It means to seek the Truth, discuss the Truth, find the Truth, and practice the Truth. 1 In other words, these believers adjusted their lives in accordance with their new life in Yahusha Ha Mashyach (Jesus Christ). The apostles were instructing them along those lines. This is what they CONTINUED in. They were not doing this on their own. They had the Set Apart Spirit, who was seeking to guide them into all Truth. They also had the apostles themselves. Today, we have the apostle’s doctrine. It is the Scriptures. The entire Apostolic Writings (commonly called the New Testament) was written by an apostle, or a close associate such as Luke. All the authors of the Apostolic Writings were personal eye-witnesses to the resurrection of Yahusha Ha Mashyach (Jesus Christ). So "to continue steadfastly," means to keep walking in the Truth. It means to be growing in the unmerited favour and knowledge of Yahusha Ha Mashyach (Jesus Christ). These people had "gladly received the Word of Truth." Now, having received it, and been converted to Yahusha Ha Mashyach (Jesus Christ), they CONTINUED STEADFASTLY in it, by coming under its power, and by living in it. So who exactly were these people that accepted Yahusha Ha Mashyach (Jesus Christ) and were immersed or baptised in His Name? Acts 2:5 Many religious Jews from every country in the world were living in Jerusalem. The Greek for living is G#2730 Katoikeo and means to house permanently or reside these were NOT people who travelled to Jerusalem from other parts of the earth to keep the feast of Pentecost; they were people who had converted to Judaism from out of the nations, now living in Jerusalem. Once Peter began to preach Yahusha as Ha Mashyach (Jesus Christ) they were told this by Peter in Acts 2:36 “Therefore let all the house of Israel (All 12 Tribes) know for certain that Aluah (God) has made this Yahusha (Jesus) whom you impaled, both Master (Lord) and Mashyach (Christ).” These men who had converted to Judaism now living in Jerusalem were pricked in the heart. 2 The Greek word for ‘Pricked’ or ‘Pierced’ is G#2660 and has the following meaning: To pierce thoroughly or agitate violently. These Religious converts to Judaism were very angry they were agitated to the point of violence; the same spirit operates in those who convert to Judaism today, they hate Yahusha Ha Mashyach (Jesus Christ)

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