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PLATO Course Art History and Appreciation > Posttest - Unit 1 Name:____________________________________ Question 1 Which two design elements can be found in the U.S. flag? balance and pattern pattern and rhythm emphasis and unity Question 2 Rhythm is an ordered repetition of strong and weak elements at regular or irregular intervals. What does rhythm in a pattern indicate? symmetry motion harmony Question 3 Which is NOT a way to create balance in art? through counterbalancing the visual weight of the elements through an equal distribution of contrasting elements through subordinating individual elements to the total effect through the stability of elements on either side of an imaginary line Question 4 What does the term absolute unity mean in design? Elements are randomly arranged to create variety without emphasis. Elements are subordinate to the total effect and do not overshadow it. Elements have an effect of their own and are not subordinate to the total effect. Question 5 Which is the best definition of denotation ? the meaning you find from looking at a visual, either in parts or as a whole the study of signs or communication the literal, or real, meaning of what is being communicated Question 6 What does the study of signs and communication refer to? visual rhetoric Logos semiotics Question 7 Which definition best suits the term connotation ? the literal meaning of a message being communicated the type of appeal used in a visual the meaning interpreted by studying elements of a visual Question 8 What does a persuasive visual designed to make an argument refer to? visual rhetoric logos pathos Question 9 What is the definition of Logos ? a visual communication using logic, reason, or facts to persuade the study of signs and communication a persuasive visual designed to appeal to emotion Question 10 An artist's creativity and desire to communicate this creativity is what results in a work of art. Which artist communicated his vision of the night sky by painting the masterpiece Starry Night ? Edvard Munch Leonardo da Vinci Pablo Picasso Vincent Van Gogh Question 11 Some artists dabble in different media to create their art. Which artist was both a gifted painter and a gifted sculptor? Gutzon Borglum Keith Haring Tom Hunter Question 12 Edvard Munch's personal fears and anxieties inspired his painting The Scream . Which aesthetic theory does The Scream adhere to? emotionalism formalism imitationalism Question 13 Michelangelo's sculpture Moses accurately depicts the human form. Which aesthetic theory does it follow? imitationalism formalism emotionalism Question 14 Picasso, who said, "I do not seek, I find," followed a simple process in creating art. Which of his masterpieces is a primal motif of Western art? Portrait of Gertrude Stein Les Demoiselles d'Avignon The Bull's Head Question 15 Which is the oldest method of printing? intaglio printing relief printing etching Question 16 Which is the best surface for oil paints? linen canvas wood panel paper Question 17 Which drawing medium have artists commonly used to create studies for their larger final artworks? pencil chalk oil Question 18 What characterizes tempera paintings? their brilliance and gloss their flat, matte finish their secular subjects Question 19 Which statement about pastels is true? Pastel colors allow the artist to focus more on broad areas of color. Pastel colors darken over time. Pastel colors are mixed with binding media such as oil or egg. Question 20 What is the farthest point in a landscape painting called? vanishing point vantage point perception Question 21 What does "putting together of dissimilar elements" refer to? space contrast texture Question 22 What does complete awareness of an object refer to? space perception line Question 23 What does "extension of a point" refer to? line space contrast Question 24 What is the term used to describe the distance between objects? line contrast space

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