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FLEXIBLE SOLUTIONS FOR FLUIDS AND GASES www.amnitec.nl AmniTec B.V., Rotterdam, is part of a group of companies called United Flexible with an annual turnover of $ 70 Million and 5 operating facilities employing more than 330 people in 4 countries. AmniTec BV is specialized in the manufacturing of high-grade flexible connectors such as hose assemblies, bellows and expansion joints. These products are mainly manufactured from stainless steel, PTFE (Teflon ®), Rubber and other Fluoroplastics. The products absorb (thermal) expansion, vibrations and misalignment. Additionally they serve as temporarily connections, loading and unloading of fluids and gases and many other industrial applications. MISSION TARGET MARKETS We are committed for the highest Among others, the company is customer satisfaction by ensuring fast, dedicated to the following target reliable and quality products delivery markets: approach “Right First Time” We resolve expansion, alignment, vibration • Petro Chemical and loading- unloading problems • Machine and Equipment for a wide sector of industries by • OEM providing innovative solutions for their • Heating, Ventilation and Cooling applications. (HVAC) • Engineering Companies ADDED VALUE • • Tank Terminals Shipping (Marine) • Distributors AmniTec realizes that added value is the key to any business needs; we have a team of enthusiastic, professional and QUALITY AS A KEY experienced employees who provide customers with engineered solutions FACTOR and knowledge. These solutions can In manufacturing and assembly, priority be delivered fast, as we have our own is given to the operational safety of the assembly and manufacturing facility in product. The ISO 9001-2000 and PED/ Rotterdam, The Netherlands. CE certificates emphasize the care that AmniTec pays to the manufacturing of their products. METAL HOSES AmniTec metal hoses have a large number of industrial applications, in which high demands are made for absorption of movements, vibrations and misalignment. The advantage of metal hoses is Rotterdam and the wide range of our their great capacity to withstand stock items for hoses and end fittings. temperatures from -200 to +600° C. Moreover, they are completely diffusion The welding process and procedures free and not subject to aging. are according to the latest standards and our welders are all qualified and These specific qualities make this certified for TIG and MIG welding. product into one of the most durable, reliable and safe flexible connection Also PMI (Positive Material for piping systems, machines and Identification) of material and DP (Dye various industrial applications. Our Penetrant) test of welds by qualified customers can rely on fast deliveries, employees guarantees our quality as manufacturing takes place in product. METAL EXPANSION JOINTS AmniTec expansion joints are designed to compensate movements resulting from temperature changes and misalignment, and they also absorb vibrations. AmniTec has an extensive program of expansion joints with a specific standard range for: • exhaust gas systems • installation in HVAC systems • industrial applications Besides the standard programme, there are many possibilities. AmniTec has, for example, an extensive series bellow elements in a variety of diameters, lengths and pressure ratings on stock. This makes it possible to assemble expansion joints according to specific customer specifications. Quality is assured, as AmniTec is qua

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