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COURSE 101 THE BOOK OF GENESIS THE PENTATEUCH Overview of the Pentateuch Years: c. 4004 BC – c. 1451 BC (Gregorian Calendar) (Ussher’s Chronology) USSHER’S CHRONOLOGY: Ussher’s Chronology is a 17th century chronology of the history of the world, developed by James Ussher (1581 – 1656), who was an Archbishop in the Church of Ireland after rising rapidly in the ranks of the Anglican Church. He was renowned for his scholarship, mastery of Semitic and classical languages and voluminous knowledge of history and was consequently widely published. Ussher started his dating with those dates firmly established from secular history such as the death of Nebuchadnezzar and worked forward and backward from there, using the Biblical data as his infallible guide. He worked painstakingly, investing much of his time for the generations who would glean from his findings. He was very precise with his dating: Sunday, Oct. 23, 4004 BC (Gregorian Calendar) was the first day of creation at midday (Lightfoot, a contemporary of Ussher, used the same date, but added it was nine o’clock in the morning); the date he gave for Adam’s and Eve’s being driven from the Garden of Eden was Nov. 10, 4004 BC; Noah’s Ark touched down on Mt. Ararat on May 5, 2348 BC. The reasons for CES’s selection of using Ussher’s Chronology as its guide of dates are as follows: (1) Ussher’s credentials (2) His method of calculation, using both the Gregorian and Hebrew Calendars, and (3) His acceptance by many scholars. The early controversy when his original work, written in the Latin language, was translated into English, with its many weaknesses in its translation, caused a few scholars at the time to reject his findings. The work has been since retranslated, and the gained result has been a new respect and support by many scholars. There have been over 100 attempts to establish a chronology close to Ussher’s, and each one is slightly different, but all are fairly close to his, often using Ussher’s Chronology with which to compare their studies. The School recognizes that Ussher’s Chronology may have discrepancies, but uses it as a tool to give the student a general idea of the dates and stretches of times and the sequence of important Biblical events. ABOVE ALL THINGS, REMEMBER THIS SAYING The Old Testament is the New Testament concealed and the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed. Rev. 110215 Property of Christ Exalted Seminary ©All Rights Reserved THE PENTATEUCH INTRODUCED THE OLD TESTAMENT The Pentateuch consists of five books: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. THE OLD TESTAMENT DEFINED The Old Testament is the Covenant sealed at Mt. Sinai in the days of Moses. God made a Covenant with the Israelites whom He had delivered from slavery, promising to bless them as His special people. Their responsibility was to worship Him, and Him only, as their God and to obey His Law (Exo. 19:3-6; 24:3-8). THE MEANING OF “TESTAMENT” AS IN OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTS The English word “testament” refers to the document that designates the wishes of the owner, when alive, for the distribution of his property upon his death. The meaning of “testament” from both the Hebrew and the Greek languages is “settlement”, “treaty”, or “covenant”. Covenant is the closest meaning of the word “testament”. WHAT IS THE OLD TESTAMENT AND ITS RELATIONSHIP TO THE NEW? OLD TESTAMENT NEW TESTAMENT • Moses announced the Old Covenant • Jesus announced the New Covenant between God and the nation, Israel • Written in Hebrew and a small amount of • Written in Greek over a period of 100 years Aramaic over a period of 1000 years • Told of Christ’s coming, life, ministry and • Told of preparation for Christ’s coming growth of early Church • The fulfillment of what was promised in the first and full redemption (Told of Christ’s • Did not arrive at full redemption coming, life, ministry, death, resurrection and the birth of the NT Church) • Ended by still looking for final • Fulfilled the way in which the blessing of consummation when hope shall be fulfilled Abraham will bless all the families of Ea

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