• Document: Advanced Materials. Structural Adhesives. For Sandwich Panel Bonding. High-Performance Thermoset Chemistries to Meet Your Most Demanding Applications
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Advanced Materials Structural Adhesives For Sandwich Panel Bonding High-Performance Thermoset Chemistries to Meet Your Most Demanding Applications About Huntsman Advanced Materials Huntsman Advanced Materials provides engineered solutions for our customers using a wide range of innovative, high-performance thermoset chemistries and formulations. For over 70 years, customers have chosen Araldite,® Euremelt,® and Arathane® brand products for their high-performance adhesive technology. Every day our scientists work with designers and engineers to bring lightweight, high-strength, durable products to market and help solve increasingly complex design issues. Our growing portfolio of specialty resin systems and adhesives serve the aerospace, automotive, coatings, electronics, energy and industrial composite markets. High-performance epoxy and polyurethane adhesives from Huntsman are the materials of choice for building durable, lightweight composite panels used in aircraft interior floors, sidewalls and ceilings. Similarly, our structural adhesives are well-suited for manufacturing high-strength sandwich panels used to manufacture recreational vehicles, trucks and trailers as well as multi-layer architectural panels, cold storage panels and garage doors. Sandwich Panel Bonding Bonding is one of the most versatile technologies available to the manufacturing industry because today’s broad spectrum of adhesives provide for the secure assembly of many substrates and substrate combinations. In addition, epoxy, polyurethane and methyl methacrylates (MMA) adhesives are designed to be used with many different processing technologies from roll coating to bead/spray/spatter application and several manual methods. 2 Applications for Bonded Sandwich Panels Recreational Vehicles Striving to maximize strength and durability and to minimize weight for greater fuel economy, recreational vehicles are built with a variety of materials including structural plastics, steel and aluminum, fiberglass, honeycomb composites, and wood/luan/laminates. Next-generation adhesive technologies provide reliable joining of these dissimilar substrates and offer significantly improved performance compared to traditional welding or riveting. Bonded assemblies prevent the distortion that can occur with mechanical fastening and offer excellent stress distribution and fatigue resistance. Resulting bonded panels are cosmetically attractive, without substrate “print through.” The walls, sidewalls and other adhesively joined components are impact resistant, feature reduced noise and vibration, and can withstand exposure to temperature and weather extremes as well as ultraviolet light. RV Production Applications Application Panel Substrates Araldite® Adhesives Benefits Walls, Floors, Roofs FRP/luan/Al/luan – MCU Higher strength – HM PUR Better spread out – MCU (LES) Higher green strength FRP/luan replacement/Al/ – MCU Higher strength luan replacement – HM PUR Better spread out – MCU (LES) Higher green strength EGS/EPS EVA 15 Better flow OSB/Al/luan – MCU Higher strength – HM PUR Better penetration – MCU (LES) Many speed options Structural Framing Structural plastics MMA Prime not reseller Steel/honeycomb structures Epoxy Higher strength More speed options Non-metal rigid 2K Polyurethane For gas impervious substrate Cap Affixing Fiberglass/FRP MMA Prime not reseller Wall Board Vinyl/luan HM PUR 3 Highest green strength Cabinets Wood/wood laminates Euremelt® Polyamides Full line of options Sidewalls EPS (affixing) EVA 15 Better flow out 3 Applications for Bonded Sandwich Panels Trucks and Trailers Sandwich constructions comprised of m

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