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TMMi history, benefit and future Klaus Olsen, CEO of TMMi Foundation klaus.olsen@tmmi.org Session 3 1. TMMi Foundation History 2. Benefit of using TMMi Model 3. The future of TMMi Foundation Klaus Olsen  Founder and owner of the company Softwaretest.dk since 2000  Has used the past 23 years to focus on software testing, test process improvements, teaching and mentoring  Author of “Softwaretest – how to get started” in Danish  Founding member of TMMi ® Foundation  CEO of the TMMi Management Executives  Member of ISTQB, representing Denmark  Co-author of ISTQB Foundation and Advanced Syllabus  Chair of ISTQB Foundation Working Group  Certified ISTQB Foundation and Test Manager Advanced  Certified Scrum Master Public presentation includes  EuroSTAR´98 in Münich, Germany  Second World Congress on Software Quality 2000 in Yokohama, Japan  EuroSTAR´2001 in Stockholm, Sweden  Quality Week 2001 in San Francisco, USA  EuroSTAR´2003 in Amsterdam, Holland  ASTA 2007 in Seoul, Korea  Test 2008 in New Delhi, India  EuroSTAR´2008 in Haag, Holland  ANZTB Test2009 conference Sydney, Australia  JSTQB カンファレンス 2010, in Tokyo, Japan  ASTA 2010 in Seoul, Korea  Czechtest 2011 in Prague, Czech Republic  TAPOST 2011 in Riga, Latvia  TMMi World Conference 2011 in Seoul, Korea  Czechtest 2012 in Prag, Czech Republic  Nordic Testing Days 2012 in Tallinn, Estonia  ANZTB Test2013 conference in Canberra, Australia  FiSTB Testing Assembly 2013 in Helsinki, Finland  Testing Portugal 2013 in Lisbon, Portugal  DSTB 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark  Sixth World Congress on Software Quality 2014 in London, UK  Teszt & Tea 2014 in Budapest, Hungary  Czechtest 2015 in Prag, Czech Republic  SEETEST 2015 Sofia, Bulgaria Experience with TMM - TMMi First experience with TMM in 1997 and presentation about this at EuroSTAR´ 98 in Munich, Germany TMM is developed by Illinois Institute of Technology and published in two articles in U.S. Air Force magazine Crosstalk in 1996 Meeting with Ilene Burnstein, author of TMM, in USA in 2000 Ilene Burnstein has described her original TMM model in detail in her book Several assessment of companies in Denmark and Norway during the past 10 years Participating in creating the current TMMi model Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it George Santayana 1863 in Spain – 1952 in Italy. He was a philosopher, essayist, poet and novelist. Maturity History Timeline Crosby CMM v1.1 TPI CMMi TMMi ® 1979 1993 1997 2000 full version 2010 CMM v1.0 TMM TMM TMMi ® 1991 1996 DK version 2005 2000 TMMi Foundation established 2005 in London, UK TMMi Foundation - Board of Directors Elected by the member of TMMi Foundation Chairman Vice-chair Treasure Les Murray Mac Miller Fran O’Hara Secretary CEO Geoff Thompson Klaus Olsen 9 TMMi Foundation - Board of Advisor Appointed by the BoD Lev Lesokhin Bill Curtis Brian Ford Steve Connell Brian Wells 10 TMMi Foundation – Management Executives Appointed by the BoD CEO Deputy CEO Accreditation Klaus Olsen Erik van Veenendaal Andrew Goslin Secretary Training Marketing TMMi Professional Meile Geoff Marc Posthuma Thompson Gebauer 11 TMMi Foundation is:  33 Certified companies, among them 5 from Korea  TMMi Level 2:  ITSTAR Co., LTD. (Development & Operation Division)  Onycom Inc (QA, ICT Solution, IT Service Division)  TMMi Level 3:  LG CNS (DC Test and Performance Test Teams)  Hanwha Thales Co., LTD (R&D Division)  LIG Nex1 (Research & Development Division)  22 training providers, among them STA from Korea  15 supporting organisation  1.757 LinkedIn members  1.686 members of the TMMi Foundation 12 Test Maturity Model Integration, TMMi ® Level 5: Optimization

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