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2014 BUSINESS GUIDE Belgian Plastic Converters www.federplast.be 2014 BUSINESS GUIDE Belgian Plastic Converters www.federplast.be “Pentair manufacturing Belgium is part of Pentair Ltd., a global diversified industrial company headquartered in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Pentair Ltd. (www.pentair.com) delivers industry-leading products, services and solutions for its customers’ diverse needs in water and other fluids, thermal management and equipment protection. With pro forma revenues of $ 7.3 billion, Pentair employs more than 30,000 people worldwide. In the Herentals plant, composite pressure vessels are manufactured, as also filters and pumps for the pool industry and filtration systems for food sector.” Industriepark Wolfstee Toekomstlaan 30, 2200 Herentals 2 T: +32 (0) 14 25 99 11 – F: +32 (0) 14 25 99 75 www.pentair.com Within the plastics business group, you will find companies with the capability to offer you a wide range of products based on plastics materials. The markets covered by these companies range from aerospace, medical, electronics to automotive, construction, packaging, etc. The technologies used are also extremely varied: injection moulding, extrusion, blow moulding, cutting, gluing, etc. All these companies are part of Federplast.be, an overarching structure established between Agoria and essenscia. In terms of turnover, Federplast represents 80% of the plastics industry in Belgium with a workforce of 34,000 and 14 billion euro in sales. More than 70% of this production is intended for export. No doubt some of these companies will offer you any kind of solution based on plastics to meet your specific needs, whether for a particular product or through subcontracting. By listing the processors of plastics materials, this directory aims to help you find the company that best meets your requirements. As a result, companies are organised according to technology used, processed raw material and market. Responsible for Federplast.be Petri Ven Julie Leroy Secretary – General Business development 3 3M Belgium NV www.3m.com Activity Address 3M is a very diversified technology company. 3M Belgium NV Hermeslaan 7 1831 Diegem T: 0032 2 722 51 11 F: 0032 2 720 02 25 Contact Katheen Swaelen Government Affairs Manager 3M Belgium 0032 2 722 54 98 kswaelen@mmm.com 4 ABIC SA-NV www.abicbelgium.be Activity Address Distribution of electro-technical materials, tapes, mica ABIC SA-NV based products, copper and aluminum wire winding Abeelstraat 81 wrapped or not, insulating varnishes composite parts. 1800 Vilvoorde Winding machines, impregnation tanks, etc… T: 0032 2 255 01 09 F: 0032 2 252 50 55 Contact Daniel Jacobs General Manager 0032 475 621 041 daniel.jacobs@abicbenelux.com 5 ACS (Anti Corrosion Structures) SA www.acs-pi.eu Activity Address Plastic machinning : customized industrial equipment ACS (Anti Corrosion Structures) SA realization (ducts, cleaner, tanks, piping,…) in plastics Zone C P.I. with high chemical resistance. Rue Charles Richet 7180 Seneffe T: 0032 64 27 89 40 F: 0032 64 27 89 72 info@acs-pi.eu Contact Michel Oeuvrard Managing Director michel.oeuvrard@acs-pi.eu 6 Alcaplast www.alcaplast.be Activity Address Plastics and composites transformation. Development Alcaplast and production of products in thermoplastic Prins Albertlaan 70 polymers via injection moulding and transformation of 8870 Izegem composites via pultrusion. T: 0032 51 33 33 33 F: 0032 51 31 28 23 pvs@anziplast.be Contact Peter Van Steen Managing Director 0032 51 33 33 33 pvs@anziplast.be 7 Amerplastics NV www.amerplastics.com Activity Address Fabrication, prefabrication and in

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