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Dan Tries to Help Dan Tries to Help The story It is the school holiday and Dan is bored. His dad, a hotel manager, agrees to take him to his hotel for the day to help. The chef allows Dan to help tidy up his store cupboard. Dan decides to reorganise everything but he ends up covered in jam and flour. Jane, the waitress, feels sorry for Dan. She offers to take his clothes to wash in the laundry room. She gives Dan a waiter’s uniform to wear while his clothes are being washed. Mr Grey, the restaurant manager, sees Dan and assumes he is a new waiter. He asks Dan to polish the glasses in the restaurant and put out some napkins on the tables. Dan polishes the glasses – but uses furniture polish! He makes a paper aeroplane with the last napkin and flies it through the air. Just then, a group of retired aeroplane pilots comes in to eat and they all end up making and flying paper aeroplanes! Soon the restaurant is full of them. Mr Grey is not happy. When the restaurant fills up with diners and Mr Grey asks Dan to take their orders, Dan gets in a terrible muddle. A woman accidentally knocks the plates of food from his hands and the spaghetti, meatballs and tomato sauce spill all over the pilots. Dan’s father quickly takes him away and asks him to help wash up in the kitchen. Unfortunately, Dan knocks over a pile of plates. They all smash on the floor. Dan’s father takes Dan to the safety of his office, where they have lunch together. A hotel maid comes in and tells Dan’s father that there is a thief in the hotel who is stealing the guests’ jewellery. Dan decides to do some vacuum cleaning. He bumps into a woman guest and knocks her handbag out of her hand. Lots of jewels and watches fall out and are sucked into the vacuum cleaner. A man joins the woman and they are very unpleasant to Dan. Dan tries to get the jewels out of the vacuum cleaner again. He only succeeds in getting everyone covered in dust! Once again, Jane the waitress comes to Dan’s rescue. She suggests that Dan has a bath in an empty hotel room, while she gets his clean, dry clothes. Dan manages to put too much bubble bath in the bath. The room is soon filled with bubbles. When Dan finishes his bath, he puts on his clothes. He meets the man and woman again in the lift. They think he is a porter and ask him to carry their cases. Dan drops one of the cases and it bursts open, revealing lots of stolen jewellery. Dan realises that they are the thieves. The man quickly shuts the case again. Dan tries to tell his father, but his dad does not listen to him. Finally, Dan shouts and gets his dad’s attention. The man and woman run towards the exit. Dan trips and knocks a suitcase out of the man’s hand. Mr Grey and the chef help stop the man and woman from escaping. The police are called and the thieves are arrested. Dan’s father is pleased with his son. When he gets home Dan enjoys telling his mum and later, his grandfather, all about his adventures. 1 Explorers 4: Dan Tries to Help Teacher’s Notes This page has been downloaded from www.macmillanenglish.com/young learners © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2011 Text © Louis Fidge 2007 Dan Tries to Help Introducing the book l Ask What is the title? (Dan Tries to Help). Then ask Does this mean he is successful? (No, if he The cover ‘tries’ to help it means that he probably isn’t successful). Point to the picture again. Ask What can go wrong in a hotel? The contents page l Holdup the cover. Read the book’s title to and with the class. l Talkabout the picture. Ask the class where they think the story takes place. Elicit from l Ask the children to turn to the contents page. the class anything they know about hotels. Explain that the Contents list tells us what is l AskWhat do you think the story is going to be in the book. about? l AskHow many chapters are there? Read the chapter titles to and with the class. Briefly The title page explain any unfamiliar words (most will be cover

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