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TOYODA TEXTILE MACHINERY BULLETIN Vol. 6 A battledore embossed with Princess Kiyo from the Dojo-ji Special Feature 2–4 A Review of the 6th Osaka International Textile Machinery Show Special Offer: OTEMAS exhibit brochures/OTEMAS towels What’s New 5–6 TOYODA-KAWAMOTO opens up a new era in weaving preparatory machinery A kick-off with a new resolution TOYODA-KAWAMOTO Product Lineup Customer Support & Service 6–7 A Look at Toyoda’s Global Service Centers Part 1: Bandung Service Center in Indonesia Thoughts & Feelings 7 User Report Management for the 21st Century 8 A Special Seminar The “Toyota Production System”—Imbued with Resourcefulness 1 FROM THE DIRECTOR Following the well attended 6th Osaka International Textile Machinery Show, I have assumed the post of Director of the Textile Machinery Division. In taking on this duty, I intend to provide the very finest textile machinery and services in the spirit of “The Customer is First.” Many customers visited Toyoda’s booths throughout the event To foster a sense of ongoing trust and stability, Toyoda has made three resolutions with you, our The spectacular 6th Osaka International Textile Machinery Show— customers, in mind. First, we commit ourselves to the 6th OTEMAS—was held for seven days from October 7th to improving and maintaining product quality at world-class the 13th, 1997 at the INTEX OSAKA exhibition grounds. This exhibition was the largest international textile machinery exhibition levels by applying the expertise and leading-edge in Asia and rivals even ITMA in size and scope. technology gained over our 70 years of experience in Despite predictions of a slump in the worldwide textile manufacturing textile machinery. Next, so that all our industry, this exhibition attracted over 235,000 visitors, far customers may feel secure in their choice of Toyoda exceeding expectations. As an integrated textile machinery textile machinery, we are implementing a system to manufacturer with both spinning and weaving lines, Toyoda provide after-sales service and spare parts that is fully exhibited and demonstrated the latest textile machinery. These capable of meeting the most detailed customer machines represent the pinnacle of product development designed to respond to the most exacting customer requirements. It offers requirements. Finally, to make the greatest possible improved productivity, greater versatility, significant labor savings, contribution to the success of your business, we intend higher levels of automation, and is fully capable of meeting the to make greater efforts to provide you with textile demands of diversifying textile markets. Both our spinning machinery that offers the very best in cost-performance machinery and weaving machinery booths extensively advantages. demonstrated Toyoda’s state-of-the-art technology and were busy In addition, we are working to build solid trustful for the entire show. In particular, visitors were attracted by the newly developed relationships with the dealers and trading companies BR700 Rapier Loom, which made its public debut at OTEMAS, that handle Toyoda textile machinery around the world, the RX240 Ring Spinning Frame boasting stable, high-speed and are working to create an environment in which we operation at 23,000 rpm, and the JAT610 Air Jet Loom on which can provide service and products that will match the we demonstrated our Quick Style Change System that lets needs of our customers for many years. operators change the fabric in less than 20 minutes. With these resolutions as our motto, we at Toyoda

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