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MEDICAL STAFF BYLAWS YUMA REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER YUMA, ARIZONA DEFINITIONS 1. The “Medical Staff" is that group of medical professionals who have been granted appointment by the Board of Directors. 2. The "Board of Directors" (Board) is the group responsible for conducting the ordinary business affairs of Yuma Regional Medical Center (YRMC), and unless otherwise stated, shall be deemed to act through the authorized actions of the officers of the corporation and the President/Chief Executive Officer of YRMC. 3. The “President/Chief Executive Officer" (CEO) is the individual appointed by the Board to act on its behalf in the overall management of YRMC and includes a duly appointed Acting Administrator serving in the absence of the CEO. The Medical Staff may rely upon all actions of the CEO as being the actions of the Board. 4. The “Vice President of Medical Affairs/Chief Medical Officer” (VPMA/CMO) is the individual appointed by the CEO and acts principally as liaison between the medical staff and administration. 5. The "Member" is any professional appointed to, and maintaining membership in any category of the Medical Staff in accordance with these bylaws. 6. The "Patient" is any person undergoing diagnostic evaluation or receiving medical treatment under the auspices of YRMC. 7. The "Allied Health Professional" is an individual, not a member of the Medical Staff or a hospital employee, who is trained in some aspect of the evaluation or treatment of patients and who is allowed, after Board approval, to perform specified services at YRMC. 8. The "Joint Conference" is a meeting between three (3) representatives of the Board appointed by the Chairperson of the Board of Directors and three (3) Medical Staff members appointed by the Chief of Staff who will submit their recommendations to the Board. ARTICLE I. PURPOSE The purpose of the YRMC Medical Staff is to bring its members together into an organized body to promote high quality patient care. To this end, among other activities, it will assist in screening applicants for staff membership, review privileges of members, evaluate and assist in improving the quality of care, in providing education, and in offering advice to the CEO and Board. These Bylaws with the accompanying policies, rules and regulations establish the framework for self-governance of the Medical Staff activities and accountability to the Board. ARTICLE II. MISSION The mission of the Medical Staff is to continually improve the medical care provided at YRMC while assisting the CEO and Board in improving the health care services available to the community. Medical Staff Bylaws – YRMC Page 2 of 11 ARTICLE III. MEDICAL STAFF MEMBERSHIP SECTION 1. MEDICAL STAFF MEMBERSHIP Appointment to the Medical Staff of YRMC shall be extended to those individuals who continuously meet the qualifications, standards and requirements set forth in these bylaws and associated policies of the Medical Staff and YRMC. SECTION 2. QUALIFICATIONS FOR MEMBERSHIP A. In order to qualify for membership, an individual must hold a license to practice in the State of Arizona, and be a Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Osteopathy, Doctor of Dental Surgery, Doctor of Medical Dentistry, or Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. In addition, applicants must fulfill the requirements set forth in the associated policies on credentialing and privileging as well as maintain compliance with state and federal regulations. B. No individual may be entitled to membership on the Medical Staff or to exercise particular clinical privileges at YRMC merely by virtue of licensure to practice in this or any other state, membership in any professional organization, or privileges at another hospital. C. Exceptions to the above may be made at the discretion of the Board with the concurrence of the Medical Executive Committee (MEC). SECTION 3. NONDISCRIMINATION YRMC will not discriminate in granting staff appointment and/or clinical privileges on the basis of age, sex, race, creed, national origin, or affiliation with other medical institutions. SECTION 4. CONDITIONS AND DURATION OF APPOINTMENT A. Initial appointments and reappointments to the Medical Staff shall be made by the Board. The Board shall take such action only after there has been a recommendation from the Department Chair, Medical Staff Credentials Committee and the MEC in accordance with the provisions of these bylaws. B. Appointments to the staff will be for no more than two years. SECTION 5. STAFF DUES Medical Staff dues shall be governed by the most recent action recommended by the MEC and adopted by the Medical Staff. SECTION 6. RESPONSIBILITIES OF MEMBERSHIP Each staff member shall: A. Direct the care of his/her patients and will supervise the work of any Allied Health Professional under hi

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