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the SEGi family 050 The SEGi Group of Colleges started with the establishment of the first Systematic College in Kuala Lumpur in 1977. Since then, the Group has grown through founding of new campuses and also acquisitions. In the process, the Group achieved public listing on 16 May 1995. In March 2001, SEGi consolidated its portfolio in the private education industry by acquiring the following colleges: PRIME College, UEP Subang Jaya PRIME College, Alor Setar PRIME College, Miri IBMS College, Kuching MSC International College Summit International College Currently, SEGi owns 14 private tertiary institutions located in urban cities and major towns in Malaysia. With approximately 18,500 students, SEGi Group of Colleges is one of the largest education conglomerates in the country. Besides the institutions of higher learning, SEGi also manages several subsidiary companies engaged in businesses associated with the education and professional training industry. SEGi, through one of its subsidiary, Summit Early Childhood Edu-Care, also operates seven kindergartens. S E G I N T E R N AT I O N A L B H D Systematic Group of Colleges PRIME Group of Colleges Business Units & Training Centres Systematic College Petaling Jaya PRIME College Subang Jaya SBT Professional Kuala Lumpur Publications Systematic College Kuala Lumpur PRIME College Miri IFPA Resources Sdn Bhd Subang Jaya Systematic College Penang PRIME College Bukit Systematic Management Subang Jaya Mertajam Resource Centre Systematic College Johor Bahru IBMS College Kuching Systematic Training Serian Centre Systematic Kuala Lumpur MSC International Subang Jaya IBMS Training & Kuching Institute of I.T. College Development Centre Systematic Kuala Lumpur Summit Subang Jaya PRIME Training & Alor Setar Secretarial Centre International Development Centre College Institute Systematic Klang Pusat Tuisyen Klang Makmur Institute Systematic Kuching Summit Early Childhood Subang Jaya Edu-Care the SEGi family SYSTEMATIC GROUP OF COLLEGES 051 Systematic College Kuala Lumpur Systematic Institute of I.T The achievements of past students is A college with metropolitan appeal and a reflected in a track record of local and diverse student backgrounds. Aside from international prizes won through remarkable prize-winning achievements in professional programmes such as ACCA, the NCC and LCCI examinations, diploma ABE, CIM

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