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INDEX FOR STAMPING DIES CAST MATERIALS TM Stamping 07/31/15 PAGE DATE DESCRIPTION D-1 02/12/14 Index For Stamping Dies Cast Materials D-2 02/03/15 General Information D-3 06/02/03 General Information D-4 06/02/03 General Information D-5 06/02/03 General Information D-6 06/02/03 General Information D-7 02/03/15 General Information D-8 02/03/15 General Information D-9 02/03/15 General Information D-10 06/03/10 General Information, Material Cross Reference D-11 07/31/15 Non-Alloyed Gray Cast Iron (G2500/NAAMS) D-11.1 02/03/15 Low-Alloyed Gray Cast Iron (G25HP/NAAMS) D-12 02/03/15 Alloyed Gray Cast Iron (G3500/NAAMS) D-13 02/03/15 Non-Alloyed Ferritic Ductile Iron (D4512/NAAMS) D-14 10/29/07 Pearlitic Ductile Iron (D5506/NAAMS) (Discontinued) D-15 02/03/15 Refined Pearlitic Ductile Iron (D6510/NAAMS) D-16 08/01/11 Non-Alloyed Steel (S0030/NAAMS) D-17 02/12/14 Alloyed Steel (S0050A/NAAMS) D-18 08/01/11 Medium Shock/MediumWear Resistant Tool Steel (TA2/NAAMS) D-19 08/01/11 High Wear/Low Shock Resistant Tool Steel (TD2/NAAMS) D-20 08/01/11 High Shock/Low Wear Resistant Tool Steel (TS7/NAAMS) D-21 08/01/11 Alloyed Steel (S7140/NAAMS) D-22 08/01/11 Alloyed Steel (S2333/NAAMS) D-23 02/03/15 Refined Pearlitic Ductile Iron (D7003/NAAMS) ©1997 Auto/Steel Partnership www.naamsstandards.org This document is Uncontrolled when printed. D-1 G L O B A L S TA N D A R D C O M P O N E N T S GENERAL INFORMATION TM Stamping 08/01/11 1. SCOPE This specification encompasses criteria for stamping dies cast materials delivered in the rough-cast condition. 1.1 TYPES This specification covers ferrous casting materials used for stamping dies. These materials include: G2500/NAAMS, G25HP/NAAMS, G3500/NAAMS, D4512/NAAMS, D5506/NAAMS, D6510/NAAMS, S0030/NAAMS, S0050A/NAAMS, A S7140/NAAMS, S2333/NAAMS, TA2/NAAMS, TD2/NAAMS, and TS7/NAAMS. This specification does not include or cover wrought materials. D 1.2 PROPERTIES The properties of all castings are sensitive to section size, particularly the properties of gray and ductile irons. Since the cooling rate varies with thick ness, the microstructure and properties will vary with thickness as well. Therefore, all properties must be referenced to specific test methods and test sample locations. 1.3 APPLICATIONS The application of these materials is automotive stamping dies. 1.4 MATERIAL DESCRIPTIONS Brief descriptions are listed below for the materials covered in this specification. G2500/NAAMS: Non-Alloyed Gray Cast Iron (not surface hardenable) G25HP NAAMS: High Pearlite Low-Alloyed Gray Cast Iron B G3500/NAAMS: Alloyed Gray Cast Iron (surface hardenable) D4512/NAAMS: Non-Alloyed Ferritic Ductile Iron (not surface hardenable) D6510/NAAMS: Refined Alloyed Pearlitic Ductile Iron (surface hardenable) D7003/NAAMS: Refined Alloyed Pearlitic Ductile Iron (surface hardenable) C S0030/NAAMS: Non-Alloyed Steel (not surface hardenable) S0050A/NAAMS: Alloyed Steel (surface hardenable) F S2333/NAAMS: Alloyed Steel (surface or through hardenable) S7140/NAAMS: Alloyed Steel (surface hardenable) TA2/NAAMS: Medium Shock/Medium Wear Resistant Tool Steel TD2/NAAMS: High Wear/Low Shock Resistant Tool Steel TS7/NAAMS: High Shock/Low Wear Resistant Tool Steel The prefix on each alloy designation indicates the type of alloy as listed below. G Gray Iron D Ductile (Nodular) Iron

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