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Big Brother Walkthrough v.0.6 By TroopJunior The first few days (Skip if you have the money mod installed) The first few days of the game should be solely focused on getting as much money as possible. Every day, talk to mum at 08:00 in the kitchen. Do the conversation this this:  Could you give me some money, mom?  I sorry ut I really eed the o ey… – (This ensure that you are consistently getting at least some money.)  Maybe I could do some chores? – There won t always be chores to do, but when there are do them, if not don t worry. Whilst doing this, it is essential that you get the website up and running. This is done by:  Unpacking the boxes, reading on your laptop about the cameras and then buying the book from the online store. Once you have it you can then read it. You can do more reading every 4 hours.  Once you have completed the book go to your laptop. You should then be able to set up your website. If you don t have enough at this point, keep going to see mom.  After you have it set up, you must buy ads to get people watching the cameras. Again, if you don t have enough, keep going to see mom. You have to keep buying ads every couple of days to keep the revenue high. There are a few ways to increase your revenue.  At 21:00 on days that Eric is in the house, go to the lounge. Keep watching mom and Eric for as long as possible.  After this, wait in the lounge till 22:00. Chatting with Alice boosts your revenue, but not by much.  Increasing your massage skill is a good way too. When you do go see Alice at the same time and place as above. You should be able to give her a massage. To get the most money out of this you have to have the candies. Once you do you ll have optimised the most out of this situation.  Getting the girls to tan topless can also increase your money. Alice First of all, there are multiple things you can do with Alice. The story is pretty one dimensional and doesn t branch off into different parts like Lisa s. How to improve the relationship  Give her the little black dress before Eric  Get her the second book  Get her the fifth book  Buy her lingerie  Convincing her to do live chats ͚Blog͛ opportunity  This starts off during a conversation at breakfast on day 3. After this ask her about the blog afterwards. She ll say that you can help her and that s pretty much it.  Wait a couple days and then go back and see her. A new conversation will appear. You ll convince her to do lingerie and asks if you can buy her some. You won͛t be able to buy it until Aunt Kira arrives.  Buy her it once Aunt Kira arrives and give it to her. (Don͛t give it for nothing) She ll ask you to get her something more revealing. Buy her that and give it to her.  She ll then say that she has an advertiser and that she doesn t need you.  Wait a few days again and go back to see her. She ll say that the advertiser pulled out and this is where you recommend doing live chats.  She ll be hesitant but just wait a few days and go back and see her again. Here you will be able to convince her. (Requires chance)  Once you have convinced her wait a few days and go back to her and ask how it s going. She ll say that she managed to set it all up by herself. Wait until she is out of the house (Friday night/Saturday Sunday afternoon) and go to her room to install the key. You automatically have this so don͛t worry.  Go to your laptop everyday (except Friday) at 20:00 or 21:00 and an option to spy on Alice will come up.  The rest is pretty simple. Just make sure you have a lot of cash when visiting her site, she͛s expensive. ͚Party Girl͛ opportunity There are two nightclub scenes you can get with Alice. Before Aunt Kira (not really explicit) and after Aunt Kira (explicit). To get these scenes you have to have candies. Candies  To get candies you have to have Lisa in a good mood. Do her homework by yourself about six times or so. Afterwards go chat with her. You look weird will pop up. Talk with her and she ll tell you about Alice s wild side. After this you can buy candies at the store. Before Aunt Kira  To get this you have to see Alice at 20:00 in her room the Friday before Aunt Kira arrives. There will be a dinner scene where mom will talk about Aunt Kira arriving tomorrow.  Once in Alice s room don͛t compliment her, just say you have a gift. She ll accept it and leave.  Wait till 03:00 the same night and go see her in the bathroom. After Aunt Kira arrives  Go see Alice in her room at 20:00 on Friday.  Once in Alice s room don͛t compliment her, just say you have a gift. She ll accept it and leave.  Wait till 03:00 the same night and meet her and Aunt

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