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Energy Management System (EMS) Comprehensive Power Quality Analysis Customer Billing and Invoicing at a Glance ExpertPower™ software solution provides comprehensive energy reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) by eliminating the need management, billing, demand response, power quality analysis and for training and special client hardware and software. generator control. ExpertPower™ is available either as an on-line With ExpertPower™ Service, there is no need for server hardware service (Service Edition) or as a stand-alone package (Pro Edition). and software or on-site IT experts, while the standalone Pro version SATEC’s complete solution includes our wide range of analyzers reduces monthly charges. combined with ExpertPower™ software, providing the information and analytics to improve the efficiency, reliability, security and With installations of over 30,000 managed devices at one site, profitability of our customers’ energy system. ExpertPower™ is the most powerful energy management ExpertPower™ uses a standard web browser as user interface, solution in the market. Its scalability allows you to start with small for both local installations and Internet remote installations. This installations and to expand as your business grows. Tools Dashboards Reports Charts 1-line Diagrams Web Access Energy Power Quality Management Billing & Demand Submetering Response Power Quality Data Monitoring Events Cost Calculation Applications & Monitoring Data Modeling Automatic / Manual Generator Control Waveform Invoice Navigation Analysis Management Reports Tenant EN50160 Management IEEE1159 Interface to Event & Alarms GOST Utility Reports Tariff Load Profiles Management Infrastructure Database Virtual Device Data Fetching Web Services API Alarms 2 Main Features Data Collection Alarms and Events ‡‡ Automatic data collection from energy meters (electricity, ‡‡ Multi-level thresholds for complex criteria water, gas etc.), power quality analyzers and substation ‡‡ Messaging, emails and SMS alarms automation controllers ‡‡ Log all alarms ‡‡ Complex calculations from two or more devices ‡‡ Request user acknowledgement ‡‡ Easy configuration of new devices, communication server and Modbus mapping Connectivity & Interoperability ‡‡ Integrate all energy management, automation system and Presentation billing into one web based system ‡‡ View all data in your browser—no software instal

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